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Shopping Cart Disco Readers Appreciation Day

So I am participating in this event, which is quite rare for me in itself!  I have decided to give the following gorgeous pair of shoes as a special gift to members of the Shopping Cart Disco Readers group!

This is a special variation of my recently released Tory D’Orsay pumps.  I made these gorgeous sorbet textures especially for this gift and these shoes have a lovely extra feature, the orchid blossoms at the ankle and toe.

These are available for 24 hours only.  24 hours.  You can only get them on Friday the 17th, you can only get them at my mainstore, and you can only get them as a member of the SCD Readers group.

I am taking them down at midnight on Saturday morning SLT.  They will be at the SLink Mainstore from midnight on Friday SLT.  That’s just over an hour from now!!


4 new shoes in SLink today!

Finally able to release these beauties!!

I have 4 new styles of SLink Barefeet shoes on the floor at SLink today!  Demos are available and I have made a few very important changes to my shoe systems.

First of all – the price:

  • These styles are available in a choice of 1, 3, 5 colours or the fatpack of all colours.  Single packs are the usual $L500 but you can now buy a 3 pack for the price of 2, or a 5 pack for the price of 3 and the real bargain is in the fatpack which comes in at a very heavy discount.
  • The fatpack as usual is controlled with an easy to use HUD to select your shoe colour.  The individual packs have changed a little.
  • You can now select your shoe colour via the individual HUD and then drop your shoe to save permission settings and the name.  **Caution when doing this, select your colour carefully as you may only do it once per shoe pair!
  • These styles of SLink shoes are scripted to have the option of 5 different tattos to choose from – built right into the HUD!!  The tattoos don’t work with the older feet yet, I am still working on those 🙂  The styles can be seen below.  You can mix n match them as well.


And now onto the styles!!

First up – the Caged Ankle Boot.  This very sexy style was a special request and I loved the idea!  They are a loose interpretation of the famous YSL caged boots, only mine are opentoed 🙂



The Tory D’Orsay pumps are quite possibly the highest heels I have in my collection and I just love them!  they are very unfussy simple, plain lines and sexy textured shiny leather.  The tip of the heel has a little kick to add interest and character to these very beautiful shoes.



Rose is a playful pump style with a very architectural and modern wooden heel.  The lines of Rose are sleek and elegant so as to not overwhelm the style with that standout heel!



Fifi is another playful style with an element of the sexy.  It has the same pump style as Rose, but the heel is a very *cheeky* french maid style.  Take a closer look 😉  You can see a large version of Fifi rezzed at SLink



Come and try out the demos of these lovely styles at SLink!!

Addendum – error fixed

So I was tired last night, and forgot to update the data in my demo HUDs.  It’s fixed now so Lilly and Frederique should behave properly.

Teleport to SLink!



2 new hairstyles instore today

I’ve been terribly busy but I’ve managed to finally get these beauties on my walls today at SLink, along with the styles from the Hairfair.

A couple of important notes:

  • I have temporarily taken down my older hairstyles in preparation for rescripting them to the new system.  They will hopefully be back in the next few days as I find time.  If you desperately need it *now* pop me a notecard.
  • All my hairstyles are  upstairs to the left now, instead of downstairs to the left
  • All my prim foot shoes have been moved to the back wall where the hair was previously to make the store a little less cluttered.
  • I have added a whiteblonde to the hair colour range.

And now, enough talking… pics!  You can try on working demos of these now at SLink!

Lilly is a lovely messy Bohemian/Hippy style with strands flying everywhere, held in place with a double leather strap accentuated with a couple of leather blossoms and gold beads.


Frederique is a slightly windblown bob.  If anyone has hair like this, as I do, you know how hard it is to keep smooth and sleek on a windy day or one with lots of static electricity.  This is that style!


And of course, my Hairfair styles are now available in the SLink Mainstore.