SLink at the Hair Fair 2009

So… this is the other reason I have been so quiet these last few weeks, in terms of new releases!  I’ve been streamlining my sculpty workflow (so I can make MORE HAIR), and creating a new HUD system to use with my hair range, that will allow me to set the styles as modify, and allow *you* to choose which colours you want, rather than take from my presorted packs!!  I am *very* excited and nervous to be launching this at the Hair Fair this year!  I hope you will like it too!

I have 5 new styles available at the Hair Fair this year.  They are all very pretty, feminine and classic SLink.  Demos are now available for you to try out at SLink!! Fullprice hair packs will be available at the Hair Fair from the 20th.

Alethia is my special style.  I made this 2 months ago and I just kept adding prims and prims until she coudn’t take any more!  I love how this turned out with it’s curls, and metal and chains and coins.  Definitely something different for me!


Pixie is a short and sweet style, nothing really to say about Pixie other than this is my go to style in RL when I need a short, professional look 🙂  It’s cute, and funky while still being functional and neat.


Pixie and Alethia will both be donating 50% of proceeds on all boxes to the Locks of Love charity.

Kimiko is a cute little Japanese girls style, pigtails just above and behind the ear, neatly parted in the middle, with a heavy long fringe.


Grace is a very, *very* long, elegant ponytail, named after a very long, elegant woman who I used to work with.  An alice band on the head holds the stray hairs in place.


Sienna is the classic, simple mid length style.  A little bit of movement is depicted in the strands, and a very light fringe frames the face.


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