More Fashion Expo Goodness!

Just showing off the other designs I created for the Fashion Expo this year, you know, cos I can 🙂  Check them out at my Expo Booth

Don’t forget the One of a Kind Silent Auction happening Sunday at 12pm.

First up a lovely organza frock, perfect for an afternoon garden party, but not the variety where you pull up weeds and haul loads of soil, you know the kind where you sip cocktails and nibble on vegetarian samosas.  This cute knee length frock has a multi layered skirt which swishes beautifully when you move, and is embellishied with lace around the midriff and waist, and a spray of orchids at the shoulder.


Next up – the Danger Zone.  Definitely not inspired by the song of the same name.  Nope….. *cries a little*

I was creating this dress while my dearest husband was listening to Top Gun clips on youtube. *woe*  Anyway, onto the dress itself.  This dress has 3 different skirt options, a short mermaid tail, long mermaid tail and a long skirt from the waist which can be worn with the long mermaid tail for a fuller look.  The bodice features a cool cutout design and little frill to enhance and draw attention to the bosom, and there is  cool scifi inspired flare at the hips to add to the interesting silhouette.


The final creation I made for Fashion Expo is the Black Widow.  This is a very classic goth inspired dress, complete with crushed velvet, tulle and lace trim on the underskirt, collar and flared cuffs.  The box also contains a tulle cowl (not shown below) which brings the neckline of this dress up under the chin.


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