Yes, this time it is new shoes :D

I’ve had these beauties sitting on my workshop floor for a few weeks now and I finally decided what they needed to clean them up and prepare them for release!  These are called Sorceress.  They are a very sexy high platform foot-in-shoe design.  They come in 13 colours and have a gorgeous big fat jewel flower on the toes – gems texture changeable via HUD.  The heel is also wrapped in a wire spiral to add interest.  The design features 3 toe straps and a traditional ankle strap with 2 straps around the front of the ankle and a little metal buckle at the outer ankle.

Now available at SLink for $500L per colour, or $325o for the Fatpack with excellent OmniHUD slave system to colour your fatpack shoes!

I highly recommend wearing this style with the built in AO, as certain foot poses will break the look at the ankle.  Positioned, sized and coloured correctly, this foot has an almost seamless ankle join, as you can see in the below pics!



Demos are now available at SLink

**Product is NO TRANSFER which means *no refunds*.  Please try on the demo and ensure you are happy before you purchase.**

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