Member of the DSN?

Hey there!  I have joined the Designers Showcase Network and popped a nice pair of pants into the dropbox!  Join up anywhere that you see the Designers Showcase Network kiosks.  there are currently 40-odd designers who have signed up as members of the network.  *note – you do not receive this item as soon as you join up* More information about how it works can be found here – Cleverthings


How does it work?   Just click on the kiosk where you see the below image!  I have one up at SLink.


When you join, you choose which channel you want to subscribe to. There are 9 channels from mens and women’s fashion, to home decor to animations.  You can join more than once if you want to subscribe to more than one channel.

Each day a random sample from a random designer member is sent to a random selection of subscribees.  It’s a beautiful little system, and I am really looking forward to seeing how it develops.  This is a great way to connect designers with customers!

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