New shoes in SLink today!

I have a new style in SLink today!  this is a new venture for me, with the sculpted feet actually attached to the lower leg point and I quite like the results!  Hattie is a very cute, lower heeled casual summer style.  Thin straps wrap around the feet from the toes up to the ankles, tying off at the back of the ankle.  There is a little enamel flower on the toe, which is texture changeable through the metal buttons on the HUD.

If you are familiar with my previous feet, there are some features purposefully missing from this style.  Please read the notecard enclosed with the shoes to learn more!

Demos are now available in store! Single colours are $500L and the fatpack for all 9 colours of Hattie is $2250L.  SLink group members – wear your tag for the usual 10% discount 😀



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