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A new release at SLink today

I have a new style of shoes today at SLink!

I’ve been a bit quiet lately because I have been madly preparing  for Fashion Expo and Hair Fair so I have some gorgeous newness planned for release during these events.  In the meantime, I give you L ‘Amour ” 🙂



Come get a demo at SLink 🙂

Lovely new shoes available today at SLink

I have some new lovelies on the wall today at SLink. These are the Buckle Wedge Heels and let me tell you a bit about them!

They are a very high stiletto heeled foot-in-shoe style that attaches to the lower leg, so not suitable for pants with prim cuffs.  They have a lovely skinny wedge heel and sole crafted from soft, warm wood and the foot sits on a insole of soft red suede.  The strap comes from either side of the foot, wraps around the heel and ankle to fasten in the front with a large metal buckle.   The straps are made from soft, shiny, tactile crushed velvet.


This style comes in 8 jewel inspired colours.  Each style is $500L and the fatpack of all 8 is $2000L which is a great bargain!


Come and try on the demo today at SLink

Yes, this time it is new shoes :D

I’ve had these beauties sitting on my workshop floor for a few weeks now and I finally decided what they needed to clean them up and prepare them for release!  These are called Sorceress.  They are a very sexy high platform foot-in-shoe design.  They come in 13 colours and have a gorgeous big fat jewel flower on the toes – gems texture changeable via HUD.  The heel is also wrapped in a wire spiral to add interest.  The design features 3 toe straps and a traditional ankle strap with 2 straps around the front of the ankle and a little metal buckle at the outer ankle.

Now available at SLink for $500L per colour, or $325o for the Fatpack with excellent OmniHUD slave system to colour your fatpack shoes!

I highly recommend wearing this style with the built in AO, as certain foot poses will break the look at the ankle.  Positioned, sized and coloured correctly, this foot has an almost seamless ankle join, as you can see in the below pics!



Demos are now available at SLink

**Product is NO TRANSFER which means *no refunds*.  Please try on the demo and ensure you are happy before you purchase.**

Member of the DSN?

Hey there!  I have joined the Designers Showcase Network and popped a nice pair of pants into the dropbox!  Join up anywhere that you see the Designers Showcase Network kiosks.  there are currently 40-odd designers who have signed up as members of the network.  *note – you do not receive this item as soon as you join up* More information about how it works can be found here – Cleverthings


How does it work?   Just click on the kiosk where you see the below image!  I have one up at SLink.


When you join, you choose which channel you want to subscribe to. There are 9 channels from mens and women’s fashion, to home decor to animations.  You can join more than once if you want to subscribe to more than one channel.

Each day a random sample from a random designer member is sent to a random selection of subscribees.  It’s a beautiful little system, and I am really looking forward to seeing how it develops.  This is a great way to connect designers with customers!

And now for something completely different!

I have created some beautiful high waisted, pinstripe pants.  Each pair comes in all layers and includes flared prim cuffs, and a belt, with and without matching belt loops so you can mix-n-match them with other outfits as well as with these pants.

The pants themselves are very sleek and elongate the leg beautifully.  They are fastened at the waist with a row of very shiny round buttons.

Currently at SLink for a mere $120L a pair!  The fatpack is an awesome $350L for all 4 colours.



OMG more new shoooooes!

I’ve been busy again in the workshop and have another gorgeous pair of shoes to share with you today at SLink!

The Spike Heel Stiletto – I know, imaginative name :p  has arrived at  SLink.  This style features a sexy sculpted foot and toes – all new *original* sculpts 😀 and very high heel styling.  The name comes from the skinny spike heel, and the optional spikes on the shoes themselves.  There is a row of spikes across the tiny toestrap, and around the top level of the tiered, buckled ankle straps.  You can control the metal textures and turn the spikes on and off depending on whether you want more painful fashion or not 🙂


Spike Heel Stiletto comes in 13 colours as seen below.  There is a fully working demo available so come try it on for yourself!  Each colour runs at the standard $500L and the fatpack is $3250 – the fatpack includes the SLink Colourchange Slave HUD for easy changing and less inventory bloat!

The style features a not-so-silly floating platform sole – if you don’t know what that means, well I guess you will have to come and see for yourself.  The top layer of the sole under the foot is smooth wood, the bottom layer and heel are hard, shiny metals, very urban.


Note – these are feet that attach to the lower leg and are therefore not suitable for pants with prim leg cuffs.

New shoes in SLink today!

I have a new style in SLink today!  this is a new venture for me, with the sculpted feet actually attached to the lower leg point and I quite like the results!  Hattie is a very cute, lower heeled casual summer style.  Thin straps wrap around the feet from the toes up to the ankles, tying off at the back of the ankle.  There is a little enamel flower on the toe, which is texture changeable through the metal buttons on the HUD.

If you are familiar with my previous feet, there are some features purposefully missing from this style.  Please read the notecard enclosed with the shoes to learn more!

Demos are now available in store! Single colours are $500L and the fatpack for all 9 colours of Hattie is $2250L.  SLink group members – wear your tag for the usual 10% discount 😀