More new hair! Whoo, I’m on a roll :D

I was playing around in Zbrush yesterday trying to decide what to make and these popped out!!  I seem to be on a hair kick!  I can live with that 🙂

I am also very excited to announce that I have been invited to Hair Fair 2009, so expect more new styles from me!

2 new styles and a hugely discount special style today at SLink!! Demos are available for all my hairstyles.

Scarlett – comes in 2 variations, Scarlett I and Scarlett II

Scarlett I is a sexy swept back bun, with the hair rolled into the bun from the sides of the face, kinda like an upsidedown ponytail, if you ever wore one of those as a kid,  I know I did!


Scarlett II is the upsidedown ponytail!  I’ve had this sketched out for some time and decided the other day over my morning latte to get it made 🙂  There is a long, flexy ponytail coming from the hair wrapped band, and Scarlett II has a nice little braid going from the part to the ponytail


And finally Anne.  Anne is a cute little 60’s style bob, wispy bits at the front which is longer than the back, cut into a wedge style.  There is a texture changeable hairband above the heavy bangs.  The fatpack of this style is on sale for $150L as a thankyou to all who have supported my new hair endeavours and the fabulous feedback you have given me!!  27 colours for $150L – you can’t go wrong!!  Don’t forget to pick up a free custom scarf HUD while you are at SLink so you can add your own textures to the hairband.  It works with all my scarf styles! 😀


2 thoughts on “More new hair! Whoo, I’m on a roll :D

  1. bodzette Coignet June 25, 2010 at 2:57 PM

    Hi, Did you make these second life hair styles in zbrush?

    I’ve spent the last three months trying different tools (ac3d, shade 10, archipelis, blender etc etc) to no avail.

    I hope zbrush works.


  2. Siddean June 27, 2010 at 1:10 AM

    Yep, I do all my sculpting in Zbrush.

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