SLink has new hair today!

I have just put up 2 new hairstyles on my far wall for your enjoyment today.  Try them on at SLink!

Julianne is a sideswept knot with strands of hair escaping everywhere!  The perfect casual style for a day at the beach or shopping with friends.


Trinny is a more formal updo with a delicate braid encircling the head and a heavy knot bun at the back of the style.  Great for weddings, and other formal occasions!  The braid will resize down to quite small, so don’t worry that it won’t fit you 🙂


Both of these styles now have demos available.  I have incorporated the HUD resizer into the demo so you will be able to test that the hairstyle fits before you decide to buy it.

The permissions are set to no mod, as there is the potential to ruin the style completely with the resizer if the scripts are reset.  If you particularly need a mod version, let me know.

Both styles available in 3 colour packs, $300L per colour and $1850 for the all colours pack.

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