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Changes to SL client coming – not necessarily a good thing all around!

Please go vote for this Jira if you don’t want your eyelashes to look like they do below!!
Jira here


Thank you to Arabella Steadham for testing and supplying the image.

More new hair! Whoo, I’m on a roll :D

I was playing around in Zbrush yesterday trying to decide what to make and these popped out!!  I seem to be on a hair kick!  I can live with that 🙂

I am also very excited to announce that I have been invited to Hair Fair 2009, so expect more new styles from me!

2 new styles and a hugely discount special style today at SLink!! Demos are available for all my hairstyles.

Scarlett – comes in 2 variations, Scarlett I and Scarlett II

Scarlett I is a sexy swept back bun, with the hair rolled into the bun from the sides of the face, kinda like an upsidedown ponytail, if you ever wore one of those as a kid,  I know I did!


Scarlett II is the upsidedown ponytail!  I’ve had this sketched out for some time and decided the other day over my morning latte to get it made 🙂  There is a long, flexy ponytail coming from the hair wrapped band, and Scarlett II has a nice little braid going from the part to the ponytail


And finally Anne.  Anne is a cute little 60’s style bob, wispy bits at the front which is longer than the back, cut into a wedge style.  There is a texture changeable hairband above the heavy bangs.  The fatpack of this style is on sale for $150L as a thankyou to all who have supported my new hair endeavours and the fabulous feedback you have given me!!  27 colours for $150L – you can’t go wrong!!  Don’t forget to pick up a free custom scarf HUD while you are at SLink so you can add your own textures to the hairband.  It works with all my scarf styles! 😀


More gorgeous sculpted hairstyles instore today!

Check out my newest styles at SLink today!  Demos are available in store, please try them before buying 🙂

Please note these styles are no mod.  I have included an easy to use HUD and instructions to allow you to use your own textures on the scarves, but if a mod version is required, please ask me!

The Custom Scarf Textures HUD is also available for free on my hair wall.  If you own a SLink style with a scarf, please feel free to grab a copy!

*note – will not work with non SLink styles

First up is Kellie, a funky ponytail with a scarf wrapped around the head and combed high at the crown.  Wispy strands frame the face for a very flattering style


Kellie Bangs is a more modern take on Kellie, with a straight bluntcut fringe


And finally Christina is a sleek, neat french roll, this is a very beautiful and classic style.


Teleport to SLink

A great tutorial for tinting prim feet!

Alicia Chenaux of What The FUG? has created this brilliant little tutorial that utilises a good windlight setting, and an easy to use UI setting to help you get the perfect colour!  And I still maintain that once you get the right shade for your feet, they will look good under most standard windlight presets!  Go on, give it a try :)

She also has a little look at my Omnihud, incase you haven’t seen it yet :)

SLink has new hair today!

I have just put up 2 new hairstyles on my far wall for your enjoyment today.  Try them on at SLink!

Julianne is a sideswept knot with strands of hair escaping everywhere!  The perfect casual style for a day at the beach or shopping with friends.


Trinny is a more formal updo with a delicate braid encircling the head and a heavy knot bun at the back of the style.  Great for weddings, and other formal occasions!  The braid will resize down to quite small, so don’t worry that it won’t fit you 🙂


Both of these styles now have demos available.  I have incorporated the HUD resizer into the demo so you will be able to test that the hairstyle fits before you decide to buy it.

The permissions are set to no mod, as there is the potential to ruin the style completely with the resizer if the scripts are reset.  If you particularly need a mod version, let me know.

Both styles available in 3 colour packs, $300L per colour and $1850 for the all colours pack.

Now available – Skinmakers Toolkit for Slink Feet!

I have had many requests for this little toolkit and I finally got it done today!

what is it?  Well, it’s a HUD template, script and instructions for making a HUD that will allow your customers to match my feet to your skintones using values that you provide.

It’s dead easy to setup, all it requires is simple renaming of the HUD buttons to the RGB values of your skins at the ankle, and the job is done!  I have also included a couple of other nice things to make the process easier.

This toolkit is free and full permissions to make it available to everyone.  I highly encourage you to put up a vendor in my shop  for your customised HUD, and a landmark to your skin store!

You can also use this toolkit to save as many favourites for your SLink feet as you want, and you can pass them around to your friends!

Note – Will only work if used in conjunction with the SLink range of feet, and the SLink OmniHUD version 1.0.

Caution – Will not work in isolation, and will not work with any other prim foot product.

Caution – there is no point in grabbing this product unless you plan to setup a HUD, or own SLink feet.

Grab it now at SLink and feel free to drop me a notecard if you want to drop one in my store 🙂


Added a white to the Eve Summer Sandals :)

I had a request last night for white in the Eve Summer Sandals and thought I would add it while I was sitting awake in the wee hours of the morning. *yawn*

So here it is!  Now available at SLink

New sexy shoes in SLink today!

Hey all

I have 2 great new pairs of shoes at SLink today for you to enjoy.  Demos are available now 🙂

First up I have the Eve Summer Sandal which was in development at the same time as the Adam Summer Sandal was on the cobblers table.  Eve is a very slight, flat soled style, which goes just as nicely with Jeans and a Tee, to a summer frock, to a bikini, and comes in 8 easy to wear colours.  The barest minimum of straps hold this style on, and there is a bold metal encased gem adorning the big toe strap.

Eve is a complete foot in shoe attachment, and doesn’t come without the feet.  Sold at $500L a pair, Eve also includes the usual options available for all my feet from 60 nail shades, to 16 preset skintones and an easy to use colour palette for perfect skin matching.   Eve also includes the Foot AO Hud which you can wear separately from the OmniHUD to use the ankle locking system without the extra burden.


The other style I have today is this cute as a button ankle bootie with the open toes!   I have also included sexy toes in this style and they are not currently available without them.  The ankle bootie is made from a rich suede with a nice comfortable red inner sole.  The heel and platform are not too high – no need to worry about your virtual ankles in these!  The booties have a strap around the ankle with a large metal buckle and a zipper closure up the back of the heel.  Both buckle and zipper tag are texture changeable using the inbuilt HUD 🙂

Once again this style sells for $500L and there are demos and fatpacks available for both styles.


Colours available for both these styles are shown below.