New Barefeet and Sandals for MEN

This is my first foray into footwear and feet for men and I’m pretty pleased with the results!

Let me tell you a bit about Adam. Demos are now available at SLink – Click here to teleport now!

Adam Summer Sandal is a foot-in-shoe setup which attaches to the foot with an ankle strap which attaches to the lower leg.  Adam Summer Sandal is a nice, stylish leather slide, with heel and ankle straps.  If you look carefully, you will see that the Adam feet have little hairy toes!


The Adam Summer sandal comes in 5 colours and each pair is $500L.  The fatpack is a mere $1250 for all 5 colours!! Click below to see the colour options available!


The feet in these styles is different to the female barefeet.  They are longer and more masculine in shape, and the nails are larger and flatter to give a more manly appearance.  The HUD also includes the usual colour picker, RGB entry option, skintone favourites, 10 nail colours including a black polish and several metal choices.

The Adam Barefoot style is a barefoot.  Oddly enough!  And it includes a leather thong in 5 colours around the ankle with little metal and stone beads.  The anklet and foot are separate items, so you can wear them with your own ankle attachments.  They look great with pantlegs 🙂   The Barefoot including all 5 ankle strap colours is $500L


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One thought on “New Barefeet and Sandals for MEN

  1. Shelby Rasmuson April 2, 2009 at 12:34 AM

    I’ve heard a lot of opinions yea and nay about prim feet, problems matching the tint etc. but if you want to go barefoot
    it still looks a million times better than the barbie feet we get with our Avies. I have the ladies version and I may never wear shoes again!!

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