A nice big new release today!!

Heya slinky ones!!  I have a great new release today!  Check it out at SLink 🙂

3 gorgeous, hippy, fluffy new hairstyles……  All 3 hairstyles are $300L for a 3 colour pack and $1850 for an ALL colour pack.  Not sold separately, and HUD size and texture controlled, to cut down on inventory bloat.

Ashley is a cute little bohemian style with long hair caught up in a knot at the nape and held with a HUD controlled scarf.  There are wispy bits escaping everywhere, and a sweet braid from the part going into the knot


Jacquie is a beehive that has perhaps seen neater times.  Like a beehive the day *after* the big 60’s party!  Jacquie is still holding up quite well, considering!


Nicole is a “throw on and go” style, tied up with a HUD controlled Bandana. The hair at the nape is captured in a neat-ish roll. 🙂


Also instore right now – the bamboo barefeet were incredibly well received last week, so I have created a couple of new styles for your enjoyment.  Because I am an incurable perfectionist, I have resculpted the feet, to make a more pleasing and realistic barefoot shape, with a very sexy arch and dainty toes.  All the HUD options are still available, as always!  $500L a pair, and demos are available 😀

Flower Child is a perfect for any hippy or fairy out there who loves to commune with nature.  The anklet is a nice little daisy chain of sculpted flowers and leaves, with little curly tendrils.  The anklet and foot are separate items, so you can wear your own anklets with them if you wish.  The anklets are moddable, so you will have to move and size them to suit your fit.


Beady is a funky, beachy style of anklet with little HUD controlled beads strung on metallic chains around the ankles.


The new barefoot styles now come with the special AO Hud which you can wear when you are done with tinting and playing with options.  This HUD is a tiny little thing with 3 buttons as shown below.  On. Off and Pointe.  Off is self explanatory, it turns the animations off.  On will lock your ankles into right angles, perfect for walking, dancing, posing, and most everyday wear and Pointe will set your foot into an elegant pointed position, not too over-the-top so that the SLink foot and it’s ankle piece will look best while kneeling, sitting or flying.  Or if you just want to be on tippytoes!!  (note your feet may sink into the floor with this position)   This HUD will not work with any feet but the SLink Barefeet.  I am working on a standalone option.


*images of feet are not photoshopped*

*all poses by [LAP] Long Awkward Pose*

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