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New Barefeet and Sandals for MEN

This is my first foray into footwear and feet for men and I’m pretty pleased with the results!

Let me tell you a bit about Adam. Demos are now available at SLink – Click here to teleport now!

Adam Summer Sandal is a foot-in-shoe setup which attaches to the foot with an ankle strap which attaches to the lower leg.  Adam Summer Sandal is a nice, stylish leather slide, with heel and ankle straps.  If you look carefully, you will see that the Adam feet have little hairy toes!


The Adam Summer sandal comes in 5 colours and each pair is $500L.  The fatpack is a mere $1250 for all 5 colours!! Click below to see the colour options available!


The feet in these styles is different to the female barefeet.  They are longer and more masculine in shape, and the nails are larger and flatter to give a more manly appearance.  The HUD also includes the usual colour picker, RGB entry option, skintone favourites, 10 nail colours including a black polish and several metal choices.

The Adam Barefoot style is a barefoot.  Oddly enough!  And it includes a leather thong in 5 colours around the ankle with little metal and stone beads.  The anklet and foot are separate items, so you can wear them with your own ankle attachments.  They look great with pantlegs 🙂   The Barefoot including all 5 ankle strap colours is $500L


Finally updated Xstreet!!

I have finally gotten around to getting my feet up on Xstreet.  What a painful process it is updating that site.  Anyway, you can see my Desire, Lovely Legs, Caged and barefeet styles now at my Xstreet store.

I have taken the Glamour Platforms down for now, in preparation for an update.

Demos are available at SLink.  I will get the demos up at Xstreet tomorrow.




More lovely new hair instore today!

I know I know, I can’t help myself.  I was playing around with some sculpts the other day and this came out!  I liked it so much I had to finish it and voila – Joh was born.  Joh was originally called Johanna, but after some beta testing, I was informed that this hairstyle works great for guys who like a longer style as well as girls, thus, the rename.

Joh is a long, graceful style, brushed forward over the shoulders with a few stray locks hanging down the back between the shoulders.  It’s very sleek and simple.  As is the case with all my new styles, Joh is texture and size controlled via my OmniHUD and comes in 27 colours sold in packs of 3 fpr $300L each.  There is also a fatpack available!

Oh and another thing – the HUD that comes with this style comes with the scarf options.  “But where is the scarf?” I hear you ask!  Clicky one of the scarf buttons and you will see!  You can turn it on and off depending on your mood and the formality of the occasion 🙂

Come and try on a demo now at SLink! 


And here is Joh again, elegantly showcased by Custom Builder and Stylist Miskat Qinan, to demonstrate how well this style works for men!  He took a gamble on it and made this poster for it, much to my delight!


 Joh interpretation for men style notes after the cut.

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I made a video!! How to setup a basic windlight setting

This was a test to see if I could make a video.  Now that I know I can, I will make some tutorials on how to tint my feet!  Oh yay! 😀

And yea… I know for next time I need to shoot it in a higher quality 🙂

Attention all designers, bloggers, photographers, users of SL!

The latest SL standard client has addressed an important bug.  The bug where the avatar had a light grey tint instead of being proper white.  This means *please* untint your grey prim attachments, download and use the latest client and don’t stress about non matching prims anymore!!

Also, it seems more stable, I haven’t had any crashes since it was released, it doesn’t leave an orphaned process in the task list like the last one, and it has a bunch of nice bug fixes and stuff.

If I had one SL wish, it would be that global changes like this one (and sculpty stitch and mirror settings etc) would apply to ALL viewers currently in use.  Actually it would be that everyone used the same (stable) viewer with the same light settings, but that’s too much to ask for so I will settle for second best 🙂

Please, I urge you, go download it here!  SL Downloads

A new style in today – Sexy *Caged* Platforms!

Gogolita posted these on her flickr yesterday to spur me into releasing them!  This is the latest instalment in the SLink feet range called “Caged’

Check them out at Flickr

Caged is a very high, *very* sexy pair of platforms imcorporating intricate wirework into the heel and main part of the shoe.  The shoe is held onto the foot with leather straps tied around the ankle.

Caged is priced at $500L and comes complete with foot and updated HUD, as well as the Foot AO hud, and the fatpack is priced at $3250 and comes with the colour changing Omnihud Slave.



You can use your older OmniHUD to transfer your favourite skintones onto these feet, but the fatpack slave huds for Desire and LovelyLegs will not work with this style.

Come and pick up a demo today and check out Caged for yourself.  ……Teleport to SLink here…… I’ve been told they are OMG SMOKIN’ SEXY! 😀  (<3 Sasy)

*Photos have not been retouched*

*Scripts by Caine Munro*

*All poses by [LAP] *

A nice big new release today!!

Heya slinky ones!!  I have a great new release today!  Check it out at SLink 🙂

3 gorgeous, hippy, fluffy new hairstyles……  All 3 hairstyles are $300L for a 3 colour pack and $1850 for an ALL colour pack.  Not sold separately, and HUD size and texture controlled, to cut down on inventory bloat.

Ashley is a cute little bohemian style with long hair caught up in a knot at the nape and held with a HUD controlled scarf.  There are wispy bits escaping everywhere, and a sweet braid from the part going into the knot


Jacquie is a beehive that has perhaps seen neater times.  Like a beehive the day *after* the big 60’s party!  Jacquie is still holding up quite well, considering!


Nicole is a “throw on and go” style, tied up with a HUD controlled Bandana. The hair at the nape is captured in a neat-ish roll. 🙂


Also instore right now – the bamboo barefeet were incredibly well received last week, so I have created a couple of new styles for your enjoyment.  Because I am an incurable perfectionist, I have resculpted the feet, to make a more pleasing and realistic barefoot shape, with a very sexy arch and dainty toes.  All the HUD options are still available, as always!  $500L a pair, and demos are available 😀

Flower Child is a perfect for any hippy or fairy out there who loves to commune with nature.  The anklet is a nice little daisy chain of sculpted flowers and leaves, with little curly tendrils.  The anklet and foot are separate items, so you can wear your own anklets with them if you wish.  The anklets are moddable, so you will have to move and size them to suit your fit.


Beady is a funky, beachy style of anklet with little HUD controlled beads strung on metallic chains around the ankles.


The new barefoot styles now come with the special AO Hud which you can wear when you are done with tinting and playing with options.  This HUD is a tiny little thing with 3 buttons as shown below.  On. Off and Pointe.  Off is self explanatory, it turns the animations off.  On will lock your ankles into right angles, perfect for walking, dancing, posing, and most everyday wear and Pointe will set your foot into an elegant pointed position, not too over-the-top so that the SLink foot and it’s ankle piece will look best while kneeling, sitting or flying.  Or if you just want to be on tippytoes!!  (note your feet may sink into the floor with this position)   This HUD will not work with any feet but the SLink Barefeet.  I am working on a standalone option.


*images of feet are not photoshopped*

*all poses by [LAP] Long Awkward Pose*

OMG NEW FEETS finally!

Wow, I’ve spent so much time on these the last few weeks I am thrilled to say they are finally ready for release!  And what a release!

2 new styles of shoe and a barefoot, with all new nails and a new feature of Nailart on the big toes! I have redesigned the feet themselves, and resculpted the actual foot for a more pleasing shape.  I have resized the toes as some of you felt the toes of my Glamour platforms were a little too large.  I have added some gorgeous new features to the HUD including the ability to minimise it, an ankle locking AO that you can toggle on and off, a very nice resizer, indicators on the colour picker and resizer so you know where you clicked last, favourite buttons!  You name it, the OmniHUD probably does it!  Except it doesn’t do the dishes.  *darn*

*edit* forgot to mention I have included a stocking toe that can be toggled on and off, and tints when you tint your feet 🙂  For those that like to wear lingerie with their heels!!

Anyway, enough talking!!

PICS  (get them now at SLink – DEMOS available!!)

First up, the Bamboo style Barefeet.  Apologies for my bare bum in this ad – click on the thumbnail if you are ok with full backal pixel nudity!   This is a great little barefoot style with a bamboo and bead ankle bracelet, one bracelet has a little Jade Frog hanging from it.

The barefeet come with all the usual options!  Please please try on the demo and read the instructions!


Desire is a simple, elegant high heeled sandal.   Again, all the foot options are available with these feet.


You will get a slave colour change HUD when you purchase the fatpack that will allow you to change the shoe colour to the below options…


Lovely Legs is a litte more funky and retro style of heeled sandal.  Once again, all the options are available, and you will get the slave HUD when you  purchase the fatpack.  The slave colour change huds are not interchangeable – you can’t use them on the single purchase feet and you can’t use them on other styles of shoe.



 *Note – these pics are not photoshopped in any way, other than composition, text and borders*

If you come across any issues with these at all, please drop me a notecard inworld!

<3 Sidd

And more hair Woo!! Melissa – a new sculpted style from SLink.

I thought I’d throw this one out there as well, it’s finished, and I see no reason to wait any longer!

Melissa, now available at SLink.  Melissa is a very hippy chic, messy style with the hair at the back caught up in a low knot, and a headband/scarf covering the hairline at the forehead.  There are little strandy bits escaping all over the place!

Please note again this hair is OmniHUD controlled.  The HUD from Lorelei will not work with this hair.

You will need to wear the style, and then use the HUD to get rid of the Slink Logo on a couple of the prims, and set your new style to the desired colour! 🙂



HOLY *Finally* batman! new hair in SLink today!

After countless holdups, permission weirdness, scripting, HUD development, RL work, and internet downtimes, I have finally managed to get Lorelei finished and on my wall for sale!!  Now at SLink – $300L per colour set (3 colours per set and no they are not for sale individually) and $1850 for the pack of 27 colours.

She will be followed over the next few days by a number of new styles I have been developing but since Gogo already outed me, I thought I should at least get Lorelei done.  🙂

Please note that this hairstyle is HUD controlled and you will have to wear your HUD to set the intial colour 🙂