Please give to the Australian Bushfire Relief Fund

I have setup a donation kiosk at SLink just outside the entrance to the store for donations to the Australian Bushfire Relief Fund being run by Dakota Buck and Autumn Hykova.  This is Australia’s worst natural disaster and it is devastating not only for those that lost family members and their homes, but for all of Australia and Australians everywhere.  I have family in the affected area that I know were evacuated, but that’s all I know at this stage.  Please drop a few Linden in the kiosk when you come by, every little bit helps!  I know of a few designers who have put one of these kiosks up already, so you may see this sign around the place.

Funds received by the kiosk will be 100%  donated to the Australian Red Cross.  (please be aware that there is a script error when you donate, but the donation will go through fine, just ignore the error)


3 thoughts on “Please give to the Australian Bushfire Relief Fund

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  2. Leah McCullough February 9, 2009 at 8:58 PM

    Hi Sid,

    I’d love to help. Could you send me a kiosk for the donations so I can put it in my store?

    I hope everything gets better soon.



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