SLink is finally open!!

Good evening all! (or wherever you are)

I am pleased to announce that the new and improved SLink is now open!  I have a new release today to celebrate the occasion!

The new release today is a metal collar halter top.  it comes with all layers and 2 different sculpted metal collars so you can choose between gold and silver.  These tops are priced at $100L each and there is a pack available


My apologies that the transition took much longer than I wanted, half of my vendors wouldn’t rez, so I had to recreate them from scratch, which is a very big job.

Anyway here is a SLurl to the new SLink!  Please make sure you update your picks and landmarks when you get here 😀

Coming soon is a great new release that I know you can’t wait for.  Well if I were you, I’d be excited about it ^^  Now that the store is complete and open, I have some time to put the finishing touches on it 🙂  Watch this space.

Come on over and enjoy the massive manor style build and my picturesque gardens.  I am very happy with my new home, and am planning on never moving again if I can help it!!

<3 Sidd

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