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More newness today at SLink

I’ve been neglecting my store a little.  Truthfully, the move really took it out of me and made my desire to login and be creative really drop.  But I’ve been feeling the creative juices flowing again and I have more pretty things for you to enjoy!

Today is a sweet range of printed tee shirts with floral motif.  No 2 are alike!  Come and get your favourites today at SLink.


New Pretties at SLink today!

I’ve been asked by a few people why I don’t have any skirts in my range and to be honest, it’s not the first thing I think to make when I am dreaming up something new.  So today I got a chance to do something to remedy the situation.  2 new system skirt styles today.   One comes with 4 different print/embroidery patterns and the other comes in 7 colours with the lace overlay.  Now in store!!  Teleport to SLink..


If you look very closely at my feet in the above shots, you will see what else I have been working on.  It’s kind of a sekrit, schneak preview!  I am working out some little scripting issues at the moment, but let me tell you, these babies have barely left my feet in many weeks.

SLink is finally open!!

Good evening all! (or wherever you are)

I am pleased to announce that the new and improved SLink is now open!  I have a new release today to celebrate the occasion!

The new release today is a metal collar halter top.  it comes with all layers and 2 different sculpted metal collars so you can choose between gold and silver.  These tops are priced at $100L each and there is a pack available


My apologies that the transition took much longer than I wanted, half of my vendors wouldn’t rez, so I had to recreate them from scratch, which is a very big job.

Anyway here is a SLurl to the new SLink!  Please make sure you update your picks and landmarks when you get here 😀

Coming soon is a great new release that I know you can’t wait for.  Well if I were you, I’d be excited about it ^^  Now that the store is complete and open, I have some time to put the finishing touches on it 🙂  Watch this space.

Come on over and enjoy the massive manor style build and my picturesque gardens.  I am very happy with my new home, and am planning on never moving again if I can help it!!

<3 Sidd

It’s coming!

The new mainstore for SLink is well under way.  I thought I might just post a progress shot so that you know I’m still alive, and something is happening 🙂  So far, very pleased with the new build.  Now for landscaping, and unpacking all those boxes 😮