A very big, big announcement

I have a big announcement to make!  Are you sitting down?

From midnight tonight – that’s 12 am  SLT December 1st I am closing my store for 24 hours to prepare for a MASSIVE group sale.  I am not closing my group membership repeat, NOT closing my group membership so anyone wanting to take advantage of the savings needs to JOIN and be wearing your group tag when you visit.

The group name is SLink. Classy gear for classy babes, and you can join by clicking on the sign at my store entrance.

Remember, you need to be in the SL group to take advantage of the sale.   Subscriber list members won’t be recognised.

I am discounting EVERYTHING in my store for group members only by 50% off the normal price.  Everything.  Skins, shoes, everything!

This is a once in a blue moon sale and I am doing it for 3 reasons.

1) I am implementing a giftcard system and will be launching it when I reopen my doors tomorrow

2) The Lindens have forced my hand and I am converting my openspace sim into a full sim (Sooner than I planned, but just as soon as the sale and associated tickets go through).  This sale will help me out with the finance for that endeavour! It’s a very exciting time!

3) I am releasing my Anya Skin, and I think she deserves a big entrance 😀

One thought on “A very big, big announcement

  1. Efemera Bisiani December 1, 2008 at 11:04 PM

    /me whimpers in pleasurable anticipation! How exciting. And congrats on the full sim!!

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