Monthly Archives: December 2008

SLink is offline for a few days

Sorry to all those out there needing a SLink fix!  The store is closed for a few days while I relocate.  My apologies.  If you want something desperately, send me a notecard and we will work something out.

New SLurl will be incoming when I have finished setting everything up!  Don’t worry, I am not closing.  If anything, this is an expansion 🙂

Bah Humbug and all that

Happy holidays to everyone!  It’s Xmas day here and I am minutes from leaving to attend the usual family dinner and all I can say is how thankful I am that our family don’t drink eggnog!  Hopefully it will be a quiet, uneventful event, but there are 2 little children there so hopefully there will be a bit of fun and good food as well!

That is the kind of celebration I wish on people!  Fun, great food and quiet!  Whatever you do on the 25th, please make it safe with minimal hangover!  Why?  Because I have an awesome release in the new year that you will JUST LOVE and I would hate for you to miss out on it 😀

Love and huggs


SLink has reopened finally. Business as usual.

I would just like to say thank you to all those who participated in my big sale!  You have made my sim possible, you are all awesome, thank you so much!! 😀

I apologise for the delay getting the store open again after the sale, between RL and various natural stormy events, my efforts were thwarted somewhat.  Anyway, SLink is now open to the public once more.

Giftcards are available at the entrance, and group members continue to benefit with a standard 10% off everything in store if you are shopping with your tag on.

Teleport to SLink

A reminder about my big big sale..

The sale at SLink is going to be closing soon!  Get yourselves some savings on great stuff while you can –  I will be closing the store for a few hours to reset all the vendors at 2am Thursday morning SLT so get in before then!!  The group discount price will be returning to a flat 10% off everything once that happens.

Teleport to SLink

SLink is open again!! Also Anya is released, and she’s pretty!!

I have opened my sim again, let the sale begin!  50% off everything in the store.  Every single thing, until further notice!  Woohoo!!  Note – the price you see when you click the vendors is full price.  The discount is then automatically refunded after the sale has gone through 🙂

As promised I have released my gift card system.  Cards of varying values are available at the landing point of my store!  Great Christmas gifts!!

Last but not least, meet Anya.  She has been released in 5 skintones from very pale to bronze, and each skintone has 12 stunning and special makeups.  Anya is normally priced at $1200L per skin, but at the moment group members can get her for $600L and it’s never been a better time to pick up a few fatpacks with 50% off the already steeply discounted prices!!

Demos and more now available at SLink



A very big, big announcement

I have a big announcement to make!  Are you sitting down?

From midnight tonight – that’s 12 am  SLT December 1st I am closing my store for 24 hours to prepare for a MASSIVE group sale.  I am not closing my group membership repeat, NOT closing my group membership so anyone wanting to take advantage of the savings needs to JOIN and be wearing your group tag when you visit.

The group name is SLink. Classy gear for classy babes, and you can join by clicking on the sign at my store entrance.

Remember, you need to be in the SL group to take advantage of the sale.   Subscriber list members won’t be recognised.

I am discounting EVERYTHING in my store for group members only by 50% off the normal price.  Everything.  Skins, shoes, everything!

This is a once in a blue moon sale and I am doing it for 3 reasons.

1) I am implementing a giftcard system and will be launching it when I reopen my doors tomorrow

2) The Lindens have forced my hand and I am converting my openspace sim into a full sim (Sooner than I planned, but just as soon as the sale and associated tickets go through).  This sale will help me out with the finance for that endeavour! It’s a very exciting time!

3) I am releasing my Anya Skin, and I think she deserves a big entrance 😀