It’s release day! Yay!!

Another big release today but expect more and more from me, I have just been granted leave until the end of the year so I will be filling my time in photoshop and making sculpties!

First up, the jewel in my crown, Bijou.  Based upon my previous skins, Bijou has again had a lot of changes to the body.  She has new knees, new navel and new nipples.  There is more shading and highlighting on the body and the face has changed quite a lot.  Bijou has a more mature facial structure, like a woman in her 30’s, who has come into the prime of her life when she is sexiest, and most confidant.  I am extremely proud of this skin, no part has gone unnoticed and even if you never take your clothes off in SL, I hope you will appreciate what I have done with this skin.  Again, 100% handpainted and 100 % perfect.  5 skintones from very pale to dark and 8 makeups to choose from for now.  Demos are available at SLink



And now for those boots!!  They caused a bit of a stir when I gave away 5 pre-release preview pairs yesterday, and now I am releasing them in 4 colours! The inimitable Victoria Beckham loves these boots, I love them and I hope you will too!  Demos are not available, but they are on the system shoe layer, so they will fit everyone!!


And for the traditionalists and those worried about breaking their virtual ankles in these, I have included a heeled version in each set 😀


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