NEW Release! And it’s a big one!! :D

Wow, I’ve had a busy week!  These are the new offerings today!  I hope you will like them 🙂

Now available at SLink

First up, there are new colours in the Reloaded coat!  This coat is very sexy with a cutout keyhole neckline and soft, textured, touchable leather!  $350Lper colour


Next, a new coat, imaginatively named “Snug Winter Coat” for those chilly evenings.  This coat is shorter, with a button down front and slouchy cowl collar and cuffs.  The skirt is belted with a gorgeous leather belt with platinum belt buckle.  The boxes also include the belt as a separate, cos it’s so nice on it’s own!  $350L per colour


And lastly, there are 7 new pairs of sunglasses in store.  The classic “O” frame sunglasses are my first glasses project, with scripts written by my codemonkey husband, Caine.   Also, the Milan Sunglasses, a sexy rectangular framed style in 4 colours.

The script is simple, it positions the glasses on your nose, or head, and changes the tint of the lenses.  $200 per pair and demos are available.  Please read the notecard before wearing.


2 thoughts on “NEW Release! And it’s a big one!! :D

  1. Ana Lutetia October 4, 2008 at 9:06 PM

    The coats are gorgeous!

  2. […] fave of mine in both lifes, because of its subtle sophistication.  My sunglasses are my standby Milan Sunglasses in Tortoiseshell from SLink.  These are all-prim and well-crafted.  I love the flared […]

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