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It’s release day again! :D

I have another big release today!  I made a new skin this week, her name is Miyu and she’s asiatic! You may need an asian shape to get the most out of this skin, but it looks pretty good on other shapes as well 🙂  Now available at SLink..


Miyu has the same body detailing as Bijou, but her face has been reworked, new eyes, new makeups, new nose, new lips and a new skintone.  Miyu comes in Pale, Fair, Sunkissed and Olive.  Currently there are 12 makeups per skintone.  There are fatpacks available, and each skin is $1200 L individually.

Below shows the 12 makeup choices currently available.  There is something for everyone, a beautiful bare, all the way though to a very glamourous cateye.   Once again, no need for lashes with this skin, they are painted on, subtle and appropriate for the eye shape.


Look at that lovely little nose!!

Also instore is the Miyu shape that I have used for these posters.  She’s slightly Eurasian, very, very pretty and really shows off this lovely face to it’s best advantage.  6’1″ and now available for $800L in my shape space!


One more thing to note, the hair in these posters will be out just as soon as I finish the textures!  I will be shortly retiring some of my old hairstyles and putting some new hair up in store! 🙂

And finally, the belt that I promised a couple of releases ago.  This belt comes in 7 shades including black and a gorgeous light brown!  Modifyable so you can fit it to your shape, this belt is $100L per colour.


Pre-release day posting!

I just had to share this!  The incredible Sasy Scarborough made this for me, I had no idea and I think it’s the hottest thing I’ve ever seen!  I love it, thank you so much Sasy!

Warning, you may need a cold shower after viewing this.  Technically it’s safe for work, but I guess that depends on where you work 😀

See it at Youtube

Another Release day rolls around

And I almost missed it!!  Wow, big release again this week – now available at SLink

First up, after some considerable thought, I have added a new skintone to the Bijou line.  The tone is a gorgeous tanned bronze, quite dark while still being a caucasion skin.  I am very pleased with how it turned out!  I hope you will like it too.  I have also redesigned my skin posters, hopefully they are now neater and easier to use.  The Fatpacks are arranged around the grid.  There are a lot of fatpack options.  Single skins are $1200L.  Packs of 3 are $2800L, Packs of 4 are $3800, Packs of 13 are $10000 and Packs of 16 are $11500.  In addition, each fatpack has a nice little group discount if you are wearing your SLink Childe tag 🙂


Hair by Naughty Designs


Hair by Philotic Energy

I’ve started adding to my store, having really run out of wall space in the various areas, and in one of the new areas behind the clothing location you will find the catsuits – complete suits from neck to knee.  Very, very sexy PVC – may as well go naked, this suit leave so little to the imagination!   I will be making the boot versions of these colours available over the next week as well, and there are 2 new sheer catsuits coming soon – Lightning and Fire!  Can’t wait. 🙂  Currently available in 11 colours and one dark sheer version.  Individual colours are $350 and the pack of all is $2100.


Hair by Maitreya

Unless otherwise indicated, all items pictured are by SLink.

Lucky Chair Update

It’s been a while since I updated my lucky chair, but today you get very lucky!!  3 halloween style makeups up for grabs in my chair today!  Come and grab yours!!  Timer is set to 5 minutes, and wildcards are on!!

I have a big release tomorrow, a new skintone in Bijou, as well as new makeups in all skintones, and a very sexy catsuit!  You don’t want to miss it 🙂

[edit] A reader wanted me to post a slurl – here it is 🙂  SLink




Hair by MiaSnow

Playing with my new corvette!

I took this pic this evening – this catsuit will be available at SLink next weekend!!  In hopefully more colours and styles than black full zip! 🙂

Suit, boots, skin and glasss by SLink.


Hair by Little Heaven, Corvette by Pro Street!  This shot is mildly post processed.

It’s release day! Yay!!

Another big release today but expect more and more from me, I have just been granted leave until the end of the year so I will be filling my time in photoshop and making sculpties!

First up, the jewel in my crown, Bijou.  Based upon my previous skins, Bijou has again had a lot of changes to the body.  She has new knees, new navel and new nipples.  There is more shading and highlighting on the body and the face has changed quite a lot.  Bijou has a more mature facial structure, like a woman in her 30’s, who has come into the prime of her life when she is sexiest, and most confidant.  I am extremely proud of this skin, no part has gone unnoticed and even if you never take your clothes off in SL, I hope you will appreciate what I have done with this skin.  Again, 100% handpainted and 100 % perfect.  5 skintones from very pale to dark and 8 makeups to choose from for now.  Demos are available at SLink



And now for those boots!!  They caused a bit of a stir when I gave away 5 pre-release preview pairs yesterday, and now I am releasing them in 4 colours! The inimitable Victoria Beckham loves these boots, I love them and I hope you will too!  Demos are not available, but they are on the system shoe layer, so they will fit everyone!!


And for the traditionalists and those worried about breaking their virtual ankles in these, I have included a heeled version in each set 😀


I only want to say 2 things today….

1.  I have a great new pair of boots for release on Saturday and…



Watch this space..

Reminder! Vote on Jira VWR-9530


Just a quick note to vote on this Jira issue if you want to get the jagged edge at the bottom of the shirt and undershirt layers fixed!  Vote here


Oh how I love teasers!  This is Bijou!  She’s based on the Isabelle skin, with further refinement of the body, a slightly desaturated skintone, and I’ve done a lot of work on the face, new brows, new lips, new new new!!  I think that she’s gorgeous 🙂

FYI – this skin is not based on anyone in particular.  Just sayin.

Release date soon!  For now, check her out 🙂


NEW Release! And it’s a big one!! :D

Wow, I’ve had a busy week!  These are the new offerings today!  I hope you will like them 🙂

Now available at SLink

First up, there are new colours in the Reloaded coat!  This coat is very sexy with a cutout keyhole neckline and soft, textured, touchable leather!  $350Lper colour


Next, a new coat, imaginatively named “Snug Winter Coat” for those chilly evenings.  This coat is shorter, with a button down front and slouchy cowl collar and cuffs.  The skirt is belted with a gorgeous leather belt with platinum belt buckle.  The boxes also include the belt as a separate, cos it’s so nice on it’s own!  $350L per colour


And lastly, there are 7 new pairs of sunglasses in store.  The classic “O” frame sunglasses are my first glasses project, with scripts written by my codemonkey husband, Caine.   Also, the Milan Sunglasses, a sexy rectangular framed style in 4 colours.

The script is simple, it positions the glasses on your nose, or head, and changes the tint of the lenses.  $200 per pair and demos are available.  Please read the notecard before wearing.