Monthly Archives: September 2008

Show rescheduled :/

Thanks to the gridwide issues we have rescheduled to next Saturday at 3pm SLT!  I appreciate the efforts of the models and the show designers, Nash and Helke and I appreciate those that did come, and those that tried to!!  I know we are all having some issues at the moment, and it’s better this way.  You know what this means?  Another week to get more goodies ready for you!!!!

I will decide when the skins will be released after I’ve had a cup of coffee and consoled myself with a hot crusty croissant 🙁

Here’s another teaser, cos I’m mean like that 🙂


Show POSTPONED!!! Thank you very much, Governer Linden!

 Stop Press – the show has been postponed.  A new time and date will be announced shortly.

I’m so excited I can barely contain myself!!  My show starts very soon – that’s 3pm SLT incase anyone missed it 😉  and the skins will be available in the store just after 4pm or when I get a chance to get back to the store to put the display up! Get to SLink and click on the poster for an invitation!

In other news I have opened my SL group up for new members.  I offer a group discount on a lot of my products including my new skins, so if you are interested in this, join Slink. Classy Gear for Classy Babes, or click on the poster at the entrance of my store and then click the link in chat.  Whenever SL let’s me rez it.  *grrrr*  If you join to get the discount and then leave again, I may cry 🙁

Anyway SL is being a pain again, I am a cloud and I can’t teleport!  So in the hopes that it’s only affecting me, this is the SLURL for my show!  Hop down there and have a look!!   Forbidden Fruit

Isabelle Teaser!

Only a few more hours to go before the release of Isabelle and Christopher and I’m getting pretty excited and nervous as this is my first solo show!  I am working on the new range of manicures and pedicures as we speak, and they look great, however SL has just kicked me out and won’t let me back in *wail*  So hopefully I get them finished!  😮

I thought I would give you another teaser of Isabelle!  She’s so pretty 🙂  I think while I am waiting for the wretched grid to let me back in I’ll go do some more makeups for her 🙂


An announcement of an upcoming announcement!

On the 6th of September at 3pm SLT I will be launching my Isabelle and Christopher skin ranges with a glorious runway show currently being organised by the lovely and vibrant Helke Duettmann of Duettmann and Fraenkel Modelling.  Helke and I (and probably all of her team) are in overdrive at the moment to get this show up and running and it’s going to be amazing!!

 Invitations will be going out in the next couple of days to my Subscriber group – if you want an invitation to the show please let me know, or subscribe to my update group, or check back at my mainstore location (Slink) as I will be putting up a billboard soon.

The upcoming show will be featuring my skins, as well as several of the designs in my store, both classic and new, and will be showing my new underwear range soon to be released.  More to come!!!  Now I need coffee 😀