If you liked Isabelle Part I, you’re gonna LOVE Isabelle Part II

I have spent the last week making some gorgeous, glittery, 80’s glamour makeup for Isabelle!  They have shimmering eyeshadows in jewel bright colours, and complementary lips!  I am very pleased with how they turned out.  My favourite is number 23, I just love that dark, smoky, shimmery eye with the pale lip!

DEMOS now available at SLink


I have also released the rest of my shapes.  These are truly model shapes, with glamazon height, and exotic, beautiful faces.  There are 11 shapes to see and try, just follow the Shapes link on my teleporter to get there!  Yes, I do have demos available.




And finally I have made a gorgeous skin available for FREE under 2 conditions.  🙂 That you are a member of my SL update group (note – this is separate to the subscriber group), and that you have my store in your profile picks! Once those things are in place, just click on the sign at the entrance of the store to receive the special Isabelle makeup in 6 skintones!   Once you are in the update group, stick around!  I promise it’s worthwhile for the group discount alone 🙂


(Please note, I am not giving this skin away for nothing.  If you are unable to receive this gift, *before* you IM me check that you are in the right update group, and that your picks contain an entry for SLink.)

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