A couple of new shapes up in store!!

I have had quite a few requests for the shapes that appeared on my runway show on Saturday so I’ve spent a bit of time tweaking, photographing and packaging them up 🙂  The first 2 are at SLink right now!  I will be releasing them 2 at a time for the next few days, while I prepare my manicures, pedicures and lashes for individual sale.

Some of these shapes are runway height, I think 5’9 is the shortest shape I have in the collection so far.  I’ve spent a good deal of time on them making sure they are unique, well proportioned, and beautiful.  Well I think they are beautiful anyway 🙂  There are demos available (large hands and feet) and the actual shape is MODDABLE!!  Because as a designer, who is often asked for fitting help, no-mod shapes are the BANE of my life!!

Shapes are 800L apiece and include 2 pairs of eyes (random colours) and a set of SLink Glam Lashes.  Also in the box is the opensource CG Facelight System.  The one I use, the best on the grid IMO!  🙂  Enjoy and watch this space for more gorgeous shapes from me!

Don’t forget to join my in-world group “SLink. Classy gear for classy babes” for great discounts on most of my products!! Type Slink into the group search, it’s the first on the list!



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