It’s finally here!!!

Isabelle and Christopher are finally here!  Well, they will be shortly!  4pm SLT to be exact 🙂  So far everything seems to be going well from the SL grid perspective, everything is ready from my perspective and from that of Duettmann and Fraenkel, who have worked their perky little backsides off to get this show ready!  You want to be there!! 😀 Come grab yourselves a promo pack and check out this great show!  And afterwards check out the skins at my store!

Each Isabelle pack comes with a collossal amount of goodies for your $1200L!  You get both freckled and unfreckled skins, a ton if mani’s and pedi’s on the glove and sock layer which match and fit this skin perfectly, 4 sets of lashes and several underpant and pant layer pubic hair options, as well as 4 tinted brow shapers.

Each Christopher pack comes with the brow shapers and a very nice sculpted (unscripted) male genital attachment, made by yours truly, much to the bemusement of my husband 🙂


The SLURL for the show is Forbidden Fruit

My store location is  SLink

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