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SLink Leather Coat. Redux… Reloaded!!

This little beauty has been sitting in my head for weeks now and finally decided to come out today!  This is the SLink “Reloaded” leather coat.  It’s not a remake of my classic leather coat, instead this is a new style, new textures.  It’s not a shiny leather, instead it’s a supple, touchable, textured leather, with a belt and sculpted buckle collar and cuffs.  It has a high collar, with a very daring keyhole neckline, fastened at the middriff with a silver zipper.  Folds and folds of soft leather make up the skirt, and it’s belted at the waist.  Reloaded comes in 5 colours for now – listed below!  If you want more colours let me know and I will be happy to provide!  Individual coats are $350L and the fatpack is $875.  Discounts available for group members 🙂

See them now at SLink

Below is Reloaded in Red.  Other colours are Black, Gold, Cream, and Brown



I was asked by a couple of lovely ladies in my store the other day to make pink versions of a few of my items, and they turned out so nice I decided I had to share them!  So here they are….

Suede coat, Tote bag and Katherine handbag, all in lovely shades of pink.  Now available at SLink.

And now I am going to do something totally cheesy… Think Pink.. Think SLink!  *giggles*


ooh a TALKSHOW interview!

Pretty exciting news!  I have been asked to do an interview with Wurlitzer Seisenbacher of Wurl’s World tonight (Friday) at 9:30 pm!  If you want to hear me chat about myself and SLink with Wurl, make your way to the Wurl’s World studio at 9:20pm or so and have a seat!  It’s gonna be fun 🙂

Photos from the Art of Beauty Runway show

So, for those of you who missed it, there was a show a couple of weeks to announce the launch of my new skinlines.  I expect the video to be available any day now, but incase anyone is interested, here are the shots taken by Tillie Ariantho on the day.  She did a great job of capturing the show!

Link to Tillie’s Flickr set

More Newness!!

I love weekends, I get so much done 😀

I have just put up 4 pairs of eyelashes and 15 colours of manicures and pedicures (designed to work best with the Isabelle skin)

Lashes are $80L a pair, Nailpolish is $50L per colour (includes manicure and matching pedicure)

Available now at SLink.

Don’t forget my Isabelle promotion!  Join my group and put my store in your picks to receive a very nice gift skin!




If you liked Isabelle Part I, you’re gonna LOVE Isabelle Part II

I have spent the last week making some gorgeous, glittery, 80’s glamour makeup for Isabelle!  They have shimmering eyeshadows in jewel bright colours, and complementary lips!  I am very pleased with how they turned out.  My favourite is number 23, I just love that dark, smoky, shimmery eye with the pale lip!

DEMOS now available at SLink


I have also released the rest of my shapes.  These are truly model shapes, with glamazon height, and exotic, beautiful faces.  There are 11 shapes to see and try, just follow the Shapes link on my teleporter to get there!  Yes, I do have demos available.




And finally I have made a gorgeous skin available for FREE under 2 conditions.  🙂 That you are a member of my SL update group (note – this is separate to the subscriber group), and that you have my store in your profile picks! Once those things are in place, just click on the sign at the entrance of the store to receive the special Isabelle makeup in 6 skintones!   Once you are in the update group, stick around!  I promise it’s worthwhile for the group discount alone 🙂


(Please note, I am not giving this skin away for nothing.  If you are unable to receive this gift, *before* you IM me check that you are in the right update group, and that your picks contain an entry for SLink.)

A couple of new shapes up in store!!

I have had quite a few requests for the shapes that appeared on my runway show on Saturday so I’ve spent a bit of time tweaking, photographing and packaging them up 🙂  The first 2 are at SLink right now!  I will be releasing them 2 at a time for the next few days, while I prepare my manicures, pedicures and lashes for individual sale.

Some of these shapes are runway height, I think 5’9 is the shortest shape I have in the collection so far.  I’ve spent a good deal of time on them making sure they are unique, well proportioned, and beautiful.  Well I think they are beautiful anyway 🙂  There are demos available (large hands and feet) and the actual shape is MODDABLE!!  Because as a designer, who is often asked for fitting help, no-mod shapes are the BANE of my life!!

Shapes are 800L apiece and include 2 pairs of eyes (random colours) and a set of SLink Glam Lashes.  Also in the box is the opensource CG Facelight System.  The one I use, the best on the grid IMO!  🙂  Enjoy and watch this space for more gorgeous shapes from me!

Don’t forget to join my in-world group “SLink. Classy gear for classy babes” for great discounts on most of my products!! Type Slink into the group search, it’s the first on the list!



A success!! Isabelle and Christopher officially released!

I am proud to announce that Isabelle and Christopher are officially released after a teriffic show that went down without a hitch, in front of a huge and appreciative crowd.  A HUGE thanks to Helke Duettemann and Nash Fraenkel and their team of fab and gorgeous models for a smooth, professional and fun show!!  You guys are awesome!

Until 12am Sunday the skins pictured below are available in a special promotional pack for just $50L.  The bag is on one of the little aluminium tables on my boardwalk!  Come grab it while it’s hot hot hot!!



Guys, don’t forget Christopher,  He comes in 9 facial hairstyles, pictured below 🙂  And there are a couple of other bits in the box sets as well ^^


It’s finally here!!!

Isabelle and Christopher are finally here!  Well, they will be shortly!  4pm SLT to be exact 🙂  So far everything seems to be going well from the SL grid perspective, everything is ready from my perspective and from that of Duettmann and Fraenkel, who have worked their perky little backsides off to get this show ready!  You want to be there!! 😀 Come grab yourselves a promo pack and check out this great show!  And afterwards check out the skins at my store!

Each Isabelle pack comes with a collossal amount of goodies for your $1200L!  You get both freckled and unfreckled skins, a ton if mani’s and pedi’s on the glove and sock layer which match and fit this skin perfectly, 4 sets of lashes and several underpant and pant layer pubic hair options, as well as 4 tinted brow shapers.

Each Christopher pack comes with the brow shapers and a very nice sculpted (unscripted) male genital attachment, made by yours truly, much to the bemusement of my husband 🙂


The SLURL for the show is Forbidden Fruit

My store location is  SLink

Can it be true? A new release at SLink??

Yes, yes it’s true!  I made a gorgeous little cocktail dress and have decided to release it to remind you all that I am still here!! 😀  The dress comes in 8 gorgeous colours and sells for $300L each!  The fatpack is $1200L.

This is she.. Sidd also wears the classic pumps in Champagne, Victoria hair and the unreleased Isabelle skin in one of the new makeups!


In other even more exciting news, the show must go on!!  The Art of Beauty show that was so sadly spoiled by the big bad network gods last week is definitely on for this Saturday at 3pm SLT.  Isabelle and Christopher will be available from 4pm.  I will have a special promo skin available for free for an hour at the show, and for 50L at the store until 12am SLT on Sunday the 14th, or whenever I decide to take it down!

Here is the invitation that Helke has done, it’s just gorgeous!  You can pickup a landmark and notecard about the show from the invitation currently in my landing area!  Don’t forget to join my SL group while you are there!  You get a discount on almost everything in the store, and there is a nice little present destined for that group in the next couple of days 🙂