There is a reason I’ve been quiet lately…

..and it’s finally ready to start telling you about it!

I have been working very, very hard on a new line of 100% handdrawn skins.  They will be released on the 6th of September.  I am very proud of them and excited to be nearing release!  To me, they represent just how far I have come in the year and a bit since I started creating content for SL.  There will be another announcement soon, regarding the actual launch!

I am going to write a blog entry shortly explaining the process of making a skin for Second Life™.  Anyone who thinks it’s easy is very much mistaken, and I have poured my heart and many, many hours of my time into these skins.  Why?  Because I absolutely LOVE making skins!!  I know, I make clothes and hair and shoes, but skins are my passion.  I have many years of anatomy training and study, and people are my inspiration.  I love working on the details, like beautiful toes, pretty ears and a luscious backside.  I’ve had some successes, and some disappointments throughout this process, but my skins are the better for it.

I will soon be taking down my Deena line of skins, and I will be updating Cate and Madison.  I am making room for Christopher and Isabelle, and future iterations of them.

I will be selling some of the shapes I have made specifically for these skins as well.

At the same time Isabelle and Christopher are launched, I will be launching the new line of manicures, pedicures and eyelashes.

For now, I leave you with a teaser.  This is the first time anyone has seen the full Christopher skin, aside from a very close friend who has pushed and pushed me to make mens skins – you know who you are.   *hug*


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