Monthly Archives: August 2008

Wheee more new stuff, and this time it’s free!!

Well, at the very least it’s in my lucky chair 🙂

This sweet little Jade Frog Set is currently in my chair!  It’s fully sculpted, with long drop earrings, and a cute little jade frog hanging from each ear and from the realistic sculpted link pendant.  Comes with a bonus froggie for the right hand 🙂

Come try your luck today at SLink


The Red Stone set is now on the wall in my accessories section for $200L

Chunky Mary Janes – O so cute!

I made these for another little project of mine, and thought they were too cute not to share!  Shiny, chunky, stompy Mary Janes in 7 great colours for your enjoyment!

Try on a demo now at the SLink Mainstore 🙂 Demos are free, individual colours are $200L and the Pack is $750L.

This is the Chunky MJ in Purple.


There is a reason I’ve been quiet lately…

..and it’s finally ready to start telling you about it!

I have been working very, very hard on a new line of 100% handdrawn skins.  They will be released on the 6th of September.  I am very proud of them and excited to be nearing release!  To me, they represent just how far I have come in the year and a bit since I started creating content for SL.  There will be another announcement soon, regarding the actual launch!

I am going to write a blog entry shortly explaining the process of making a skin for Second Life™.  Anyone who thinks it’s easy is very much mistaken, and I have poured my heart and many, many hours of my time into these skins.  Why?  Because I absolutely LOVE making skins!!  I know, I make clothes and hair and shoes, but skins are my passion.  I have many years of anatomy training and study, and people are my inspiration.  I love working on the details, like beautiful toes, pretty ears and a luscious backside.  I’ve had some successes, and some disappointments throughout this process, but my skins are the better for it.

I will soon be taking down my Deena line of skins, and I will be updating Cate and Madison.  I am making room for Christopher and Isabelle, and future iterations of them.

I will be selling some of the shapes I have made specifically for these skins as well.

At the same time Isabelle and Christopher are launched, I will be launching the new line of manicures, pedicures and eyelashes.

For now, I leave you with a teaser.  This is the first time anyone has seen the full Christopher skin, aside from a very close friend who has pushed and pushed me to make mens skins – you know who you are.   *hug*


My Ruth

Alaska Metropolitan issued a challenge and normally I don’t do this sort of thing, but I have never thought Ruth ugly, just misunderstood!  She’s actually quite easy to get looking cute!  🙂

Here, Ruth wears one of my unreleased skins, the pale freckled version which really suits her shape.  The lashes are Vanity from Sin Skins, and she wears the delicious new Marie Heels from Tesla.  They are glorious and I love them to bits!!

The dress is the SLink Brocade Corset Dress with a delicate wrap to disguise those strong shoulders, and the hair is Slink’s Victoria.

I see a few people commenting about Ruth’s hands being too big, and indeed, I have been asked if Sidd’s hands are too big.  The answer is NO.  And this is one of my biggest pet peeves with so many avatars I see, both on the feeds and in world.  People, your hands are too small!!!  The hand, spread, should roughly equal the size of your face!!  Hold your hands up to your face in the mirror and see it for yourself!  Now go look at your avvie’s hands?  Are you a full-proportioned avatar with the hands of a child??  Small feet I can understand, given that shoes are made for 0 feet, but there is no excuse for small hands!

If you want to get stylised, fine, but this basic anatomy error really bothers me and I don’t really know why!  :/

/rant off

As it happens, even though her shoulders are a little broad, but hey I’ve known women like that, Ruth’s hands are just about the right size.  😀