2 new hairstyles and a skin sneak peak!

Heya all!

I have 2 cute new hairstyles in store today!  I always build hair when I am procrastinating about something, but, I also have a sneak peek at what I have been procrastinating about!

Try on demos of these 2 styles now at SLink

First up, Penelope.  Long, straight with cute wispy bangs


Next, Victoria, a gorgeous bob with a long fringe.  Named for the woman who made this style popular, the one and only Victoria Beckham!


And finally, this is what I have been working on for weeks now.  Refining, uploading checking, adjusting, uploading etc etc!  But I am finally 98% happy with the result!  The remaining 2% mostly consists of the skintones this skin will have.

Isabelle has modifyable, tintable eyebrows (preset to 4 shades) and will have several pubic hair options!  But for now, here is the vanilla, no makeup, no extras version!  I will be announcing these skins for release very soon!!


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