I am so excited to announce that my new mainstore location on the Slink sim is finally open and I have an exciting range of new goodies to release today!  The images below are just a selection of what can be found at Slink

I have a brand spanking new range of beautiful handpainted eyes called Soulgazer in the skins wing, 2 new pairs of shoes and 2 new pairs of boots released to coincide with the footwear expo, which I am a part of!

I have some one-off dresses, a new range of jewellery incorporating sculpty and normal prims and some redesigned hairstyles, as well as some new colours of old favourites!

I have many more exciting things planned, like a range of sculpted, scripted glasses, 2 NEW skin ranges and new makeups for Cate and Madison, and an overhaul of my very popular leather coat, so keep your eyes peeled for future announcements!  In the meantime, come check out my new haven, hang out with the turtles, spend some time communing with the mermaids and say hi if you see me around!! 😀



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