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A new Lucky Chair Gift

More jewellery, because I have realised that I really like making it!

I saw a friend of mine today and she was wearing a necklace similar to this.  She bought it in Egypt which I think is really cool!  It’s red stone, silver and turquoise and made up of a lot of little tiny sculpted stone beads.  Tiny Sculpties = Awesome!!  Do me a favour, and don’t wear this in very laggy places 🙂

Come grab your copy today in my Lucky Chair at SLink, before it goes on the shelf at full price!!


2 new hairstyles and a skin sneak peak!

Heya all!

I have 2 cute new hairstyles in store today!  I always build hair when I am procrastinating about something, but, I also have a sneak peek at what I have been procrastinating about!

Try on demos of these 2 styles now at SLink

First up, Penelope.  Long, straight with cute wispy bangs


Next, Victoria, a gorgeous bob with a long fringe.  Named for the woman who made this style popular, the one and only Victoria Beckham!


And finally, this is what I have been working on for weeks now.  Refining, uploading checking, adjusting, uploading etc etc!  But I am finally 98% happy with the result!  The remaining 2% mostly consists of the skintones this skin will have.

Isabelle has modifyable, tintable eyebrows (preset to 4 shades) and will have several pubic hair options!  But for now, here is the vanilla, no makeup, no extras version!  I will be announcing these skins for release very soon!!


A mid week release! 2 shirts and a lucky chair giftie!

I will be announcing these at the end of the week in the Fashion Consolidated group, along with the rest of this week’s release, but I am so excited about part of this release that I just couldn’t wait!!  These new releases can be found as usual at SLink!

Introducing the very first in the SLink Menswear line!!! 😮  The Skull print Long Sleeved Tee Shirt.

Also introducing my husband and codemonkey Caine, in his very first modelling assignment!  You will definitely see more of this grizzled, hunky dude, modelling future menswear releases from Slink!  (I painted his skin BTW, a men’s skinline is definitely in the future for SLink!)

The Skull tee shirt comes in all possible layers including pants and underpants so you can wear it tucked in or not (because I hate that gap between shirt and pants on men!!)  Be careful wearing this shirt, else you will end up pantless!!  It comes in 6 manly colours, with the option of prim scrunched sleeves, or long sleeves, and costs $200L per shirt.  The fatpack comes to $600L!  Great value!


Also in today, a little spaghetti strap Tank Top.  The straps at the back cross between the shoulderblades and it comes in 10 great colours!


And finally, I have a new gift in my lucky chair, a sweet little diamond solitaire pendant and stud earring set.  The jewellery is texture changeable with an easy menu, and can be changed to gold, rose gold or platinum.


New releases at SLink today!

I have some great new stuff in store today from pants to shirts to jewellery and hair.  Come and check out the new releases at Slink Isle.

Shortly I will be announcing my new skin ranges, as well as a range of scripted, sculpted glasses for men and women!  Exciting times indeed 🙂


Winners!! Slinky Little Somethings Photo Competition!!

I am excited to announce the winners of the Slinky Little Somethings Photo Competition!  I received some wonderful entries and I swear I had a very hard time deciding on the finalists, which is why this announcement is a little late.  I would like to thank everyone who entered again and without further ado… here are the winning entries!!

Congratulations to the winners, and all the entrants will receive an invitation to my SL group where they will be entitled to a 20% discount on all my products!

Dena Dana with her entry Sensual Slink


Cocobean Bonetto with her Entry Garden Slink


And third place was a tie!  Kristi Maurer and Natasja Schumann!



Closure of Slinky Little Somethings Contest!

My photocompetition is now officially closed and I will accept no more entries!  I received SO many really gorgeous entries that judging them and deciding the winners will be an especially hard job!  The winners will be advised privately, and announced on this blog in the next 48 hours!  So exciting!!!  😀

Prior to the announcement of the winners, all the entries can be viewed at my new mainstore on Slink isle!

And this to those that entered my competition!  Thank you and you are all awesome!!  😀

A lucky chair!

Slink now has a Lucky Chair, the very first prize being a special amber version of the wood and gem jewellery pictured below.  New prizes will be uploaded every week, and they will only be available in the chair!  The timer is set to 5 minutes, and if the chair is displaying a ?, ANYONE can collect the prize!! 🙂



I am so excited to announce that my new mainstore location on the Slink sim is finally open and I have an exciting range of new goodies to release today!  The images below are just a selection of what can be found at Slink

I have a brand spanking new range of beautiful handpainted eyes called Soulgazer in the skins wing, 2 new pairs of shoes and 2 new pairs of boots released to coincide with the footwear expo, which I am a part of!

I have some one-off dresses, a new range of jewellery incorporating sculpty and normal prims and some redesigned hairstyles, as well as some new colours of old favourites!

I have many more exciting things planned, like a range of sculpted, scripted glasses, 2 NEW skin ranges and new makeups for Cate and Madison, and an overhaul of my very popular leather coat, so keep your eyes peeled for future announcements!  In the meantime, come check out my new haven, hang out with the turtles, spend some time communing with the mermaids and say hi if you see me around!! 😀



Photo comp extension of deadline.

Due to my crazy schedule at the moment, I am extending the due date for my photo competition to the 14th of July, to give myself a few more days to get ready for the shoe fair and get my sim ready to open asap!  Please see here for competition details!

The winners of the competition will be announced on the 18th of July.

Another reminder!

It’s getting close now – that is, the closing date of my photo competition.  Those huge prizes won’t come around often so get in now for your chance!  I hope you are working as hard on your entries as I am on getting my new store ready to open!!  I still want more entries.  More more more!! 😀  Make it really, really tough for me to decide the winners!

In other news, I have quite a number of new items to be released when the store opens, as well as some stuff that has been sitting in my inventory for an age waiting for me to finish it and release it.  The new store is very different to the old, and I personally really like it.   Oh yeah, and I will be participating in the shoe fair this year as well, and am right now working on a new pair of shoes to make their debut at the fair.  If I get time, there might even be 2 new pairs!  😮

Also, My Flickr group Slinky Couture is open and ready for content!  Post yourselves wearing my products in that group and I will love you forever!  And maybe even send you presents!  And who doesn’t like getting presents?

Anyway…. PHOTO COMPETITION!  Doo eeeet!

And ‘cos I can, here is a gratuitious shot of Sidd, wearing ALL SLink!  The revamped Nadia Deuce hairstyle, the new sunglasses (both to be released when the sim opens), the WIP Isabelle skin with red lips (and tintable brows OMG!), the Leather Jacket, Katherine handbag and Paige Peeptoe Platforms in red, and skinny jeans in Original Blue.