Drowning in an avalanche of shoes!

Wow that was a mammoth effort, a labour of love, sculpting, building, fitting, making textures, taking photograps (O how I love thee, invisiprim script!) and putting the ads together for 72 pairs of shoes!!  That’s right.  I had 4 styles a couple of days ago, now I have 6 new styles, and there are 12 colours of each style.

I won’t put all the images here, I’ll just place one of each style.  To see the rest and pick up the $0L demos, come to my mainstore in CG Heart.

This is Paige.  A range of shoes and boots (still in development) with and without platform soles.  The stilettos are high, the platforms are even higher, making a sleek, elegant and sexy ankle and foot!  Individual colours of each style are $200L, and the packs of 12 are $1200L which is excellent value at half the individual price! More colours available on request.







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