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Photocomp reminder!

This is a reminder to get me your entries for my Slinky Little Somethings photo competition  (details can be found here).  I have already received some gorgeous entries, and am looking forward seeing more creative photos!!

I am working hard on getting the new store ready, and will have several new items to be released, as well as a number of fabulous freebies to be collected in the days following the opening 😀

The image below is a piece of art I created for the shoe wing of my new store.  I am wearing the soon to be released Isabelle skin line, with new face and ears, and improved body shading, also wearing the recently released Paige Peeptoe shoe in red.


Hair by MMS.

New Mainstore, new SIM, AND photo contest

Hi all gorgeous people!  In celebration of the opening of my new mainstore on my very own island, south of Sanctum, I am holding a photo contest with the winners announced at my opening party to be held soon!  The date of the opening, and the location of the new mainstore will be announced shortly.  In the meantime, amuse yourselves with…….

..Slinky Little Somethings photo contest.

Submit your photos to me inworld.  In the name field please write “Slinky Little Somethings”, and your avatar’s first and last name.  In the description field please put the title of the image and the date it was taken.  If you wish to include a notecard with any more information please give it the same title as your photo.

  • Photos should be no bigger than 512×512 and please no distorted shots.  Photos may be postprocessed.
  • The subject in the photo should be featuring AT LEAST ONE SLink product (Available at CG Heart for the next couple of weeks)
  • Closing date for submissions is the 8th of July, midnight SLT.

The photos will be judged on composition, use of products, and artistry, by myself and a handpicked panel, and the winners will be announced at the “housewarming” party of the new SLink mainstore at the Slink sim 🙂  The sim is currently closed to all but group members, but will open soon!


  • 1st place will win $10,000L and the first 15 new releases from the Slink Boutique.
  • 2nd place will win $5,000L and the first 10 new releases.
  • 3rd place will win $3,000L and the first 5 new releases.

These new releases can be one item, or several, may include an entire fatpack or 2.  They could be skins, clothes, shoes, hair.. whatever I am releasing.  The winners could get very lucky indeed!!

All the entries will be uploaded to my brand new Flickr group at the conclusion of the competition, and the winners will be on permanent display in my store!

A couple more guidelines.

  • Photos not named correctly WILL get lost in my inventory and may be missed.
  • Photos not showcasing my products will be automatically disqualified, no matter how pretty!

That’s about it!  If you have any questions please drop me a notecard or IM me in world.

<3 Siddean Munro

And just as a teaser, here is view of my gorgeous new store!


Drowning in an avalanche of shoes!

Wow that was a mammoth effort, a labour of love, sculpting, building, fitting, making textures, taking photograps (O how I love thee, invisiprim script!) and putting the ads together for 72 pairs of shoes!!  That’s right.  I had 4 styles a couple of days ago, now I have 6 new styles, and there are 12 colours of each style.

I won’t put all the images here, I’ll just place one of each style.  To see the rest and pick up the $0L demos, come to my mainstore in CG Heart.

This is Paige.  A range of shoes and boots (still in development) with and without platform soles.  The stilettos are high, the platforms are even higher, making a sleek, elegant and sexy ankle and foot!  Individual colours of each style are $200L, and the packs of 12 are $1200L which is excellent value at half the individual price! More colours available on request.







A shoe teaser

I love doing teaser posts!  I hate it when my host messes up my blog so I can’t do teaser posts!  Anyway, this is a teaser for what I have been working on the last 2 days.  I am a ball of inspiration at the moment!  The final product will be slightly different to those shown here as I refine them, there will be a non-platform version of the T Strap sandals, and there are 12 colours planned for each style.  They are due out in the next 24 hours.  Watch this space!