I want to introduce you to the newest members of my family, Cleo, the white one who is happily chasing my keyboard cable around my desk, and Cloe, the grey one, who is ‘sploring my husband’s monitor stands!   When we went to collect them, we were determined to get a girl, and were only going to get one, but unfortunately, I picked up Cleo, and my hubby picked up Cloe, and then we chouldn’t decide!!  So darnit we had to have both.

Unlike Phoe’s new kittens, names for these little ones came easily.  Cleo is the name of my beloved EQ2 character and Cloe has a nice symmetry to it.  They are 6 weeks old and teh cutes!  😀  Oh but we have a battle against fleas for a bit though, they came from a shelter, and are absolutely infested 🙁

zx (message from Cleo) 

Camera’s gonna get a workout 😀


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