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Shoes, glorious shoes!

I have two lovely styles of shoes in store today, both styles perfect for a hot summery day, (which ironically, is not what is happening in my RL right now.  Cold, wet, dreary weather! 😮 )  Now available at my mainstore in CG Heart

First up we have Claudia, a smart and sassy ballet flat, with a gently rounded toe and a little bow decorating the front of the shoe.  Underneath you will find a little round heel, and the SLink logo is imprinted into the sole.  These shoes come in 18 colour combinations, but if you want something specific, I am more than happy to oblige, just ask 🙂   Claudia is $200 a pair, and the fatpack is $1800L




Roxy is a more formal open-toe high heeled mule style in 12 colour options, but again, more colours can be requested if desired.  $200L a pair or $1200L for the fatpack.




Another schneaky sneak preview!

This is what I am working on at the moment.  They are so cute, and not an invisiprim in sight!  Released soon, watch this space. 🙂


Cold hands, warm heart. New releases in store today :)

Today we have a lovely fun summer dress perfect for the warmer months.  My friend Phoe was searching for the perfect summer dress for an upcoming magazine article so I suggested I might be able to make something for her, so she sent me a couple of ideas for style and pattern, and this little frock is the result!  It comes in at $200L and has a few options.  The bodice has a system layer, or a sculpted bodice option, and the dress comes in either the babydoll, or normal waisted dress style.  The sculpted bodice includes 3 bust sizes, small medium and large for different bosoms, but you might have to adjust your shape a little to fit 🙂  Please IM me for fitting assistance!


Also in today, there is a new hairstyle called Julia.  It’s a cute little summery short ‘do, with gently sweeping bangs and lots of perky flippy pieces in the back!  This is almost exactly the same as I wear my hair in RL, tho it needs a cut right now 🙂  Julia comes in 32 colours, sold as 4 packs of 8 for $450L per pack 🙂


Both these new items are now available in my store at CG Heart

Incase anyone is wondering, the skin shown in these ads is something I am working on at the moment – called Piper 🙂  Soon to be released, watch this space!


I want to introduce you to the newest members of my family, Cleo, the white one who is happily chasing my keyboard cable around my desk, and Cloe, the grey one, who is ‘sploring my husband’s monitor stands!   When we went to collect them, we were determined to get a girl, and were only going to get one, but unfortunately, I picked up Cleo, and my hubby picked up Cloe, and then we chouldn’t decide!!  So darnit we had to have both.

Unlike Phoe’s new kittens, names for these little ones came easily.  Cleo is the name of my beloved EQ2 character and Cloe has a nice symmetry to it.  They are 6 weeks old and teh cutes!  😀  Oh but we have a battle against fleas for a bit though, they came from a shelter, and are absolutely infested 🙁

zx (message from Cleo) 

Camera’s gonna get a workout 😀


aaaaand another new hairstyle in today!

This one is called Maya, inspired by a colleague of mine with the same name.  This style is a loose bun held smooth with 2 elastic bands around the head.  A very cute and non-formal style.

I have restructured the boxes for the 2 latest styles and will be doing the same for the older styles as well.  Now you can buy the demo for 0l by clicking on the main box, and you can buy packs of 8 colours in a theme for $450L, which I think is excellent value!

Try on the demo now at  CG Heart


More fun stuff today!

I’ve been having such a productive day today I have completely worn out my mouse battery!

Aside from the new bag that I put up this morning, I also have a new hairstyle – called Paloma –  in 23 colours, and 2 sweet little chinese fan hair combs.  The hairstyle is a swept up bun style, with a straight brow length fringe and is $150L per colour.  The combs are $50L each.

Find them now in CG Heart


chinese-fan-comb-cherry-ad.png slink-paloma-hairstyle-chestnut-ad.pngslink-paloma-hairstyle-deep-red-auburn-ad.png


A new handbag in store today!

Just released at SLink in CG Heart is the Signature Series Katherine Handbag.

An original design, this cute little sculpted bag has bamboo handles joined to the bag with silver detailing, and bears the Signature Series Badge. This little bag comes in 6 delicious colours (more colours available only on request) in a soft, shiny leather finish.





*Lucy Hair by Truth, Francisco Shoes by Decoy and Black Pearls by Paper Couture*

I was going to release these tomorrow…

But then I finished them, so I thought what the hey, I will do as I always do and set them out before bed.  The SLink Diamond Bikini set.  In Black, Purple, Red, Tangerine, White and Turquoise.  They are very pretty, and include a sheer sarong (with no strange stretchy bits at the front!) a bikini bottom on 2 layers, a bikini top on 2 layers, a tank top on 2 layers, ties for the ‘kini pants, and a tie for the sarong, as well as the matching shoes pictured in the posters.  This set is worth it for the shoes alone, which are a sculpted Birkenstock beach sandal style with a toe strap and coloured stones on top.

Get it now at my mainstore at CG Heart







Another sneaky sneak preview…

Something summery this way comes!   I decided to go with the flow on this one, and given that my friend has just bought a BEAUTIFUL tropical island, this is the perfect outfit to wear while lazing or splashing in the afternoon sun.  It is a teeny weeny bikini.  It comes with a matching sheer sarong, a ‘kini or tank style top, and a pair of matching birkenstock style beach sandals.  It is to be released very, very shortly.  Watch this space!!