I’m digging this “housewife” thing!

So today I rose at the leisurely hour of 7:30 am, drove my friend to the train so he could go to work, and then cleaned up the kitchen.  Then I sat down and put my head to finishing this coat for you!  I know, I know, it’s coming up to summer in the northern hemisphere, but darnit if I’m in Australia and I’m COLD!!!  It’s getting down to 9 degrees at night here and I am wearing slippers and sleeping under a doona!!

So I thought this coat was appropriate.  And very pretty!  It has sculpted collar and cuffs and little handpainted details which I really like 🙂 Besides.  SL has no seasons! :p

The cost is $300L per colour, or $900L for all 6 of these gorgeous, rich colours.  It comes in Beige, Champagne, Claret, Black, Gunmetal and Navy.  Now available in my store at CG Heart

Come take a look 😀





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