Monthly Archives: April 2008

I know it hasn’t even been a day yet…

…but I’m feeling inspired. This is something I started a while ago, and I thought I would finish it today. It’s a leather tote bag, in 6 colours with a little silver chain bearing the SLink Signature Series badge.

This bag comes with an inbuilt Handbag hold pose, and costs just $200L per colour. The pack of 6 is $600L The bag is mod, so you can attach it to different points and add your own poses to it 🙂

Find it now on my new releases wall in CG Heart






I’m digging this “housewife” thing!

So today I rose at the leisurely hour of 7:30 am, drove my friend to the train so he could go to work, and then cleaned up the kitchen.  Then I sat down and put my head to finishing this coat for you!  I know, I know, it’s coming up to summer in the northern hemisphere, but darnit if I’m in Australia and I’m COLD!!!  It’s getting down to 9 degrees at night here and I am wearing slippers and sleeping under a doona!!

So I thought this coat was appropriate.  And very pretty!  It has sculpted collar and cuffs and little handpainted details which I really like 🙂 Besides.  SL has no seasons! :p

The cost is $300L per colour, or $900L for all 6 of these gorgeous, rich colours.  It comes in Beige, Champagne, Claret, Black, Gunmetal and Navy.  Now available in my store at CG Heart

Come take a look 😀





Huge Skin Release – Cate and Madison

Finally, I am able to release my new skin sets.  There are 4 skintones in each set – Milky, Fair, Sunkissed and Coco and there are currently 6 makeups per skintone.  There will be more makeups in the future, along with different brow colour choices, as well as more manicure and pedicure options.  These skins are meticulously handpainted.  I tried out SO many different mouth options and finally couldn’t decide between the 2 I have chosen, so I had to do them both 🙂  They are now available in my store at CG Heart   Demos are 1L and available for all the makeup options.













My Windlight settings

I thought I would share the settings I use for Windlight, especially for taking photographs.  These settings can be found under the advanced sky button in the Environment Editor.

Note: that this is in the regular windlight viewer, not the new shiny dazzle viewer (or whatever it’s called, the Release Candidate) that looks like windows vista.  I haven’t been able to get that one running for more than 3 minutes without a crash.  :/


A sneak preview

Heya all, I realise I’ve been quiet lately but I’m recovering from a fairly major surgery and my computer desk is really not the best place for me.  I’m on the mend though so I’ve been dabbling with some new skins, due out just as soon as I can finish them!  In the meantime, here is a sneak peak.

I am working on makeups, skintones and mani/pedicures for these skins and another announcement will be made when they are complete 🙂  I’m pretty excited by them, I think they are my best skins so far!