A new shirt range and something fun!

I just finished this shirt range today, and there are 22 vivacious colours.  This shirt can be sexy if worn with nothing underneath, or throw on a tee shirt for more coverage and modesty.  There are both shirt and jacket layer options in these boxes along with a bonus jacket layer that includes the ring and leather belt shown.  Each colour is $150L and the pack is an incredible $1500L for all 22 colours!!



Also in today, a fun backpack and torch for all your cavegoing escapades.  This item is a single linden $.  One single Linden!!  The backpack is sculpted and includes a water bottle, a piece of rope, some steel bars and a rocket firework, cos you never know when you will need one of those!!  The torch is the truncheon style, sleek black and if you are using Windlight, the light glows!

Ain’t I just the neatest speelunker you’ve ever seen?  I’ll take me over Lara Croft any day!  Hehehe! 😀


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