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A new shirt range and something fun!

I just finished this shirt range today, and there are 22 vivacious colours.  This shirt can be sexy if worn with nothing underneath, or throw on a tee shirt for more coverage and modesty.  There are both shirt and jacket layer options in these boxes along with a bonus jacket layer that includes the ring and leather belt shown.  Each colour is $150L and the pack is an incredible $1500L for all 22 colours!!



Also in today, a fun backpack and torch for all your cavegoing escapades.  This item is a single linden $.  One single Linden!!  The backpack is sculpted and includes a water bottle, a piece of rope, some steel bars and a rocket firework, cos you never know when you will need one of those!!  The torch is the truncheon style, sleek black and if you are using Windlight, the light glows!

Ain’t I just the neatest speelunker you’ve ever seen?  I’ll take me over Lara Croft any day!  Hehehe! 😀


It’s Business Time!

But these are not business pants!  Shiny, sexy leather pants now on my wall!!  Check them out in CG Heart.  They come in 10 colours including gold and silver, and are $200L a pair.  The pack of all 10 is $1200L  🙂






Easter Egg Freebie hunt in my store NOW!

Until the end of Monday SLT, the Bunny costume will be hidden in a handpainted traditional Easter Egg in MY STORE! Find the egg, and the gift is YOURS!! 😀



<3 Sidd 🙂

New releases today at SLink. A shoe that is NOT a boot!!

Wow!  Never thought I’d see the day when I’d release something other than boots hehehe  🙂  You can find the below items on my New Releases wall in CG Heart

Anyway, this sexy little shoe is called Jessie.  There are 17 great colours, in a nice soft satin fabric covering.  There are also several colours with a lace overlay on the satin, for extra interest!  Jessie is $250L a pair, and the pack of 17 is $1800L.  Come try on a demo today!




Next up is the SLink Skinny Jeans.  There are 7 colours in this range of painstakingly handcrafted jeans and they are $150 a pair with the pack priced at $600L.  The lower legs are sculpted, and moddable to allow for easier fitting!




SALE over, thanks everyone who dropped in :D

Hey all, from 5:30 – 8PM SLT TODAY March 15th, I am holding a sale at my store in CG Heart of the items featured in the InStyle show today. Full outfits including shoes for $250L, and 15 full outfits for $2500L! These items will never again be sold together, and certainly not at this price so come grab yourself a bargain!!

Below is just 3 of the featured items, there are quite a few new sets in this range!!


This is ourselves under pressure

I am having a bit of a hard time in my dayjob at the moment and I’m feeling a bit of stress. So I listened to this a few times tonight, and this is me, under pressure! I love love love this song. I love the live version more than the original recording, and I felt like sharing. Have a listen to the voice of this incredible woman!!

I tried embedding the movie, but I broke my blog layout! If anyone has any advice on how to do this, I’d love to hear it!

Click here to watch the clip

Anyhoo, now that I have that out of my system, I am hereby releasing the Claire Slouchy Sculptie Wedge boots. They are beautiful soft leather, with a gently pointed toe, and a sexy rubber wedge heel and sole. They come in 13 colours including white, which will become a must in any future boots, since I get plenty of requests for white! Claire is $300L per pair, and the fatpack is $1800L Claire is available on the left side of the New Releases stand in my store at CG Heart. As usual, the boot is rezzed in the store, and the demos are $1slink-claire-wedge-boot-iris-blue.png



I have also finally gotten around to releasing some new colours in Angelina. The Angelina texture lends itself remarkably well to metallic colours so the new colours are all kinds of funky disco shades in red, gold, silver, pink, white and blue. I also threw in a soft green. The new colours are $300L each, and packaged into the fat pack, which has been repriced to be in line with the other shoe packs at $1800L. If you have previously purchased the Angelina fatpack from me, and would like the 7 extra shades, please arrange to pay the $500L difference, and I will send the new shades to you!


One last thing to mention here is I have added a white to the Sara boot pack. This shoe is pretty darn cool in white!!


A fashion show!!

My designs are appearing in the upcoming InStyle fashion show this weekend. I’m pretty excited about it and have been losing sleep to finish a new line of clothing and shoes to debut at this show! Feedback on my new designs has so far been very positive, and I will be holding a sale of the items featured in the show at my store after the event, the time to be announced closer to the day! 😀 More colours of the featured items will be released throughout the next few weeks 🙂

More information about the show can be found here InStyle

Oh and while I am here, new boots to be released later today, the Claire tall slouchy wedges. They are very funky!

I might also mention that I gave these black-mules-giveaway.png to my update group the other day. If you are not in the group, you won’t receive my gifts as the kiosk deletes them once they are sent. If you would like to receive my notices and gifts, join my group at CG Heart!

And just because I can, here’s a portrait that the lovely Connie Sec took of me the other evening. She’s very talented, and I love what she did to me!!

Clicky the thumbnail for a larger version 🙂 The dress, hair and skin in the shot are my creations, and I am wearing beautiful jewellery by Muse.