Whew, last boots for at least a week! The Slink Signature Series – Jane Cowboy Boots.

These little babies are the first of my SLink Signature Series footwear. They are one-off pieces of art, meticulously handpainted and textured by me, and my stylus hand hates me right now. 🙁

I was inspired to make these after watching a few episodes of Deadwood and realising what a truly fantastic character Calamity Jane is! So these are really named after her.

There will be more to my Signature Series, but for now, I need to finish a commission, and I think I’ll finish those pumps I started 🙂

And now for the pictures!

First up we have Coyote, a grey cow and alligator leather riding boot, with dyed inserts in tan and blue for a bit of interest.


And then there is Eagle, a beautifully handtooled cow leather, featuring cream and brown highlights, with a delicately embossed eagle on each side of the boot, and an alligator insert at the toe.


Both boots feature a low wooden heel, and a very flat, square toe, in the traditional cowboy style! As usual, the lower leg attachment is moddable. Demos now available in my store at CG Heart

These took me easily three times longer than the other boots in my range, but I am selling them at only $400L!!

Aah yes, while I remember, I have setup a Subscribe-O-Matic group!  You can join by clicking this piccy outside my store 🙂


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