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Wishing that I had just something you wore… New hair at SLink!

I have finished 3 new hairstyles, now up in my store at CG Heart.


*The only things I am wearing in the shot above that are not my creations are the Nicky Ree Catsuit pants, and the Armidi Tank Top*

The first style is Thursday’s Child. It is the longer counterpart to the Space Oddity short bob. Thursday’s child is sleek, smooth, just below chin length with straight cut, long bangs. It comes in 20 colours, each colour being $100L, and the fatpack is $800L which I personally think is great value.


The second style is Cactus. Cactus is a messy updo, with the hair pinned low at the nape of the neck and sweeping bangs across the forehead. Again, Cactus comes in many colours (more than 20 actually)


The third and final style for today is Moonage Daydream. This style is certainly different, it is a sweeping style pinned up at the nape of the neck again with a black barette, and teased at the crown for extra height. Not a style for the shy woman! Again, same tasty colours as the other 2 styles, and now available on the New Releases stand in my mainstore.


One more thing I have to add here, I have made a couple of little pieces of jewellery, just some gold and silver beaded hoop earrings and bangles. I’ve popped them up for a dollar each! Come get yours!


A new hairstyle, and some art, purely for the pleasure of it!

I’m working on a few new hairstyles at the moment. I have one finished so far, with all new textures. It’s called Space Oddity and I think it’s a very cute style indeed! It’s a sleek, smooth, very short bob, with straight bangs and a wedge finish at the back. I haven’t taken it off since I made it!

It comes in 20 colours, for now – I am still working on the colour selections 🙂 Feel free to try on a demo, it’s on the New Releases stand at my store in CG Heart.

Below are just a few of the colours. $100L per colour, or $800 for the pack of 20!



slink-space-oddity-chocolate-ad.png slink-space-oddity-walnut-ad.png slink-space-oddity-fiery-auburn-ad.png

slink-space-oddity-light-blonde-tips-ad.png slink-space-oddity-light-blonde-ad.png

Also, I’m working on new boots. Coming soon!

And now for something completely different!

I’ve remodelled my place a bit, and turned the garden into more of a palazzo, complete with fountain. But O what a fountain!! This particular piece, I started this afternoon. There are still a couple of tweaks here and there to be had, but it just goes to show once I get going on something, I just go at it until it’s finished!!

I call this piece “Mersong”, because they look like they are dancing! It’s a merboy and a mergirl, swimming intertwined. This sculpture is not for sale, and I don’t know if I will sell it at all, yet. In the meantime, everyone is welcome to come to my place, grab yourselves a glass of wine from the tables (free to copy red and white wine), take a seat, and enjoy the atmosphere!




Sidd and Caine enjoying the ambience and results of Sidd’s hard work. Caine was the wielder of the dustpan, which is why you can’t see any marble dust anywhere 😉

Whew, last boots for at least a week! The Slink Signature Series – Jane Cowboy Boots.

These little babies are the first of my SLink Signature Series footwear. They are one-off pieces of art, meticulously handpainted and textured by me, and my stylus hand hates me right now. 🙁

I was inspired to make these after watching a few episodes of Deadwood and realising what a truly fantastic character Calamity Jane is! So these are really named after her.

There will be more to my Signature Series, but for now, I need to finish a commission, and I think I’ll finish those pumps I started 🙂

And now for the pictures!

First up we have Coyote, a grey cow and alligator leather riding boot, with dyed inserts in tan and blue for a bit of interest.


And then there is Eagle, a beautifully handtooled cow leather, featuring cream and brown highlights, with a delicately embossed eagle on each side of the boot, and an alligator insert at the toe.


Both boots feature a low wooden heel, and a very flat, square toe, in the traditional cowboy style! As usual, the lower leg attachment is moddable. Demos now available in my store at CG Heart

These took me easily three times longer than the other boots in my range, but I am selling them at only $400L!!

Aah yes, while I remember, I have setup a Subscribe-O-Matic group!  You can join by clicking this piccy outside my store 🙂


As promised, more boots!

These are called Olivia.   They are a more casual suede boot with wedge cork soles and lower heels with the SLink logo subtly stamped into the back of the heel.  There are 12 delicious colours, and they are now in my store in CG Heart – Top shelf.  Please come and try on a demo!







Regarding IM’s.

So, I probably get 3 IM’s a day.  Certainly not many.  I’d hate to think what some of the big designers get daily, because mine have been capped the last couple of days.  I find this annoying, because of the aforementioned *3* a day…

If you have sent me an IM in the last day regarding anything to do with .. well anything, can you please send it to me via notecard, as chances are, I haven’t received your message, and I hate missing messages!  Bad for business 🙂

Thanks!  <3 Sidd.

Oh yeah, new boots coming soon.