Somebody Stop me!! More boots! :o

See, told you I had a boot fetish.  This is dangerously close to turning into an obsession! 😮

I have released 3 new colours in the Eva Suede boot.  First up a nice Violet, and an Iris blue, thanks to a couple of special requests.


And mostly because I can, and partially because I think these are very, very hot right now, Eva has Zebra stripes!!  I am working on other animal patterns like Tiger, Cow and Leopard.  Watch this space 😀  The Iris, Violet and Zebra have been added to the fatpack, making it 12 pairs of boots for a very, very reasonable price of $1800L!  (if you have already purchased the Eva Fatpack, and would like the 3 new boots, please send me a note with the transaction details and I will be happy to send them to you!)


OMGSOCOOLYES!  My hubby doesn’t think so, but he is wrong :p 


And then there is the Sara range.  Sara is a high (almost to knee) polished leather boot with a rounded square toe and heavy stacked wooden heels.  She has little crocodile skin inserts around the toe.  Sara comes in 12 gorgeous funky colours and is now available in my store at CG Heart and shortly at OnRez.  Sara is also $300L a pair, and the fatpack containing all 12 colours is $1800L.   Please try on the demo before buying!







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