Ohmigosh, more boots?? Eva, now at SLink

Ok I’ll be the first to admit it, I have a shoe fetish, both in RL and SL. My RL feet are not the kind of feet that can wear crazy heels, little strappy dance numbers, cute little slides, or the Eva boots. But my SL feet are just about the perfect size for any shoe I want to wear. And I feel that now that these boots have been added to my range, there will be many, many more shoes in the SLink Boutique. My husband doesn’t understand my shoe fetish, he thinks you need 3 pairs of shoes ever in your lifetime, but I know a lot of women who understand it, and indeed find it perfectly normal. 🙂 *twitch*

I *adore* these Eva Boots. These are SO what I would wear in RL if I could wear stacked wooden heels! I was grinning like an idiot when I made the first pair and saw how well they came out! I want these in a million colours, but for now there are 9. They are $300L each, and $1800L for the fatpack of 9.

Find them on the shelf in my boutique in CG Heart or at my OnRez Storefront. Demos are available. 🙂







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