It’s been quiet on the SLink front lately…

So what has Sidd been up to?  The answer to that is BOOTS!!

Oh my.  I learned sculpties yo!  These are version one million (or thereabouts, I lost count at around 30) of my first efforts in the world of Sculpties.  I like them.  They are named Angelina, and they currently come in 5 colours, but I am open to suggestions as to colours.  I am also open to suggestions as to styles.  Sculpties are fun, I want to make more!!

Anyhoo, these are $350L and are up in my store at CG Heart.  The lower leg sections are modifiable, for easier fitting, but the feetsie parts are no mod.  Please try on the demo before buying. 🙂

Oh yeah.  Pictures!

These are them, in Bronze.


And a closeup so you can see the logo and size stamped on the sole.  Ah Second Life, where everyone wears a 38C, and no one needs sensible shoes!


And just cos I can, here’s me, looking swish in Popfuzz’s red corset, my skin and skirt and yet-to-be-released hair, and my new shiny red boots 🙂


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