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Somebody Stop me!! More boots! :o

See, told you I had a boot fetish.  This is dangerously close to turning into an obsession! 😮

I have released 3 new colours in the Eva Suede boot.  First up a nice Violet, and an Iris blue, thanks to a couple of special requests.


And mostly because I can, and partially because I think these are very, very hot right now, Eva has Zebra stripes!!  I am working on other animal patterns like Tiger, Cow and Leopard.  Watch this space 😀  The Iris, Violet and Zebra have been added to the fatpack, making it 12 pairs of boots for a very, very reasonable price of $1800L!  (if you have already purchased the Eva Fatpack, and would like the 3 new boots, please send me a note with the transaction details and I will be happy to send them to you!)


OMGSOCOOLYES!  My hubby doesn’t think so, but he is wrong :p 


And then there is the Sara range.  Sara is a high (almost to knee) polished leather boot with a rounded square toe and heavy stacked wooden heels.  She has little crocodile skin inserts around the toe.  Sara comes in 12 gorgeous funky colours and is now available in my store at CG Heart and shortly at OnRez.  Sara is also $300L a pair, and the fatpack containing all 12 colours is $1800L.   Please try on the demo before buying!







Ohmigosh, more boots?? Eva, now at SLink

Ok I’ll be the first to admit it, I have a shoe fetish, both in RL and SL. My RL feet are not the kind of feet that can wear crazy heels, little strappy dance numbers, cute little slides, or the Eva boots. But my SL feet are just about the perfect size for any shoe I want to wear. And I feel that now that these boots have been added to my range, there will be many, many more shoes in the SLink Boutique. My husband doesn’t understand my shoe fetish, he thinks you need 3 pairs of shoes ever in your lifetime, but I know a lot of women who understand it, and indeed find it perfectly normal. 🙂 *twitch*

I *adore* these Eva Boots. These are SO what I would wear in RL if I could wear stacked wooden heels! I was grinning like an idiot when I made the first pair and saw how well they came out! I want these in a million colours, but for now there are 9. They are $300L each, and $1800L for the fatpack of 9.

Find them on the shelf in my boutique in CG Heart or at my OnRez Storefront. Demos are available. 🙂







It’s been quiet on the SLink front lately…

So what has Sidd been up to?  The answer to that is BOOTS!!

Oh my.  I learned sculpties yo!  These are version one million (or thereabouts, I lost count at around 30) of my first efforts in the world of Sculpties.  I like them.  They are named Angelina, and they currently come in 5 colours, but I am open to suggestions as to colours.  I am also open to suggestions as to styles.  Sculpties are fun, I want to make more!!

Anyhoo, these are $350L and are up in my store at CG Heart.  The lower leg sections are modifiable, for easier fitting, but the feetsie parts are no mod.  Please try on the demo before buying. 🙂

Oh yeah.  Pictures!

These are them, in Bronze.


And a closeup so you can see the logo and size stamped on the sole.  Ah Second Life, where everyone wears a 38C, and no one needs sensible shoes!


And just cos I can, here’s me, looking swish in Popfuzz’s red corset, my skin and skirt and yet-to-be-released hair, and my new shiny red boots 🙂


Slink Wrapped skin for Another Fundraiser

Finally had a chance to do something for this!  This is my contribution to Another Fundraiser.  It’s a Trill skin, because I’m a closet Trekkie and no I’ve never dressed up as a Klingon for a convention 🙂


12 new makeups for Deena Fair Skin

I have created a red and a blonde version of Deena Fair.

The redhead has full body freckles, none of this light smattering across the nose stuff 🙂 She also has red brows, and pubic hair. These makeups do not come without freckles. The red makeups are earthy, in oranges and greens.

The blonde comes with blonde brows, no freckles, and smooth creamy skin with pink and blue toned makeups. These skins are $500L each and you get the 2 body options (Shaved or not) and the fatpacks are $1200L for 6 makeups.

This skin is now available on the left wall under the SLink Wrapped sign in my boutique in CG Heart. Come and grab the demo pack!

Pics below 🙂 Again, I’m wearing Artilleri Hair – Dayna V2 Blondes and Margaret Reds.



Introducing “SLink Wrapped”. A new wave of SLink Skins

I have an update group, finally!  It’s called SLinky Updates, and is free to join!

I created these skins for my good friend Deena, who is somewhat of a SLink Skin connisseur, and needed some new makeups for the skins she already had. Well I took “new makeups” to an extreme, repainting the skin entirely, creating 3 different skintones, each with 24 unique makeup options. Each makeup pack containes 4 skins: 2 freckled, 2 plain, 2 with very light pubic hair, and 2 without.

In the process of creating these skins, it occurred to me to market my skins under a brand of their own, since they are a monster in themselves. And so after consultation with that brilliant husband of mine, SLink Wrapped came into being. I have created a section of my boutique dedicated to my skins (it even has it’s own entrance!), and future skins will be released under this brand.

With this range, I have carefully handpainted all the little details that so many skins are missing. The skin is realistic, without being photosourced, and I have added details like the ears, and veins at various places around the body, to give the skin a translucent quality. The makeup options range from nude, barely there through to rich reds and high glamour makeups. This skin also has very realistic (and very pretty) hands and feet.

The best thing about this skin that I can explain without pictures (which are coming I promise) is the price. Each makeup pack (4 skin options with the same makeup) sells for $500L. But the Fat Packs (for each of the 3 skintones) I have priced at $2400L. That means that you get all 24 makeup options for $100L each! I can’t even count the number of skins in each fatpack!! O.O

I have also added 6 manicure options, and 6 pedicure options, specifically for this skin for the very low price of $10L per colour.

This skin is now available in my Boutique in CG Heart. Or check my profile for the Pick. Please come and try on a demo!

I have babbled enough now. Time for some PICTURES! 😀

First up is Deena Fair.

(oh yeah, I am wearing Artilleri Myst Hair in these pics. Too cute :D)



Excuse the graininess of the above animation. Gif’s and their 256 colour palette *sigh*

More skins and the manicures and pedicures behind the cut.

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