New release – not a limited edition! The Heartbreaker Gown.

This spectacular gown was designed by my self-proclaimed “brilliant” (and very modest) husband, Caine.  He and I had a little round table this morning, and he came up with this idea and I loved it, as much as I love the final design!  It’s “The Heartbreaker” so named for the broken heart corset style bodice in satin and luxurious velvet the colour of crushed rubies.  The gloves are the softest satin, as is the skirt, which has a full, floor length claret red skirt, and a satin black bustle and train.

Because of the complexity of this skirt, I will be happy to offer fittings for free, if you can send me your shape.

This gown is a once-off, original SLink design.  I am not releasing multiple colours in this – my husband has decreed it so.  *hehee* 🙂 If you want it in any other colour, you will have to talk to him.  Caine Munro.  Good luck with that… 🙂

It’s priced at $350L, and is currently on my wall!  Follow this link to teleport there!

*Hair is ETD’s Bonita.  Boots (they’re in there somewhere) are Lassitude and Ennui’s Black Leather Ankle Boots*

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