Finally moved and a big release with more to come!

I have finally finished my house move and it’s good tobe back. I tell ya what, as I get older, moving house gets harder and harder and I think that I might just stay put here for a very long time. Next time I move, I am going to give someone a couple of thousand dollars and say “you pack, move unpack and clean and I’m going to the Bahamas! See you in 2 weeks!!” Yep.

Anyway, I dally. I have a WHOLE bunch of stuff to release over the next few days, but I’m pleased to present the first, my Leather Jacket. It is a lovely soft leather, like my coat, but the front is closed with a long zipper. The jacket has 3 options for the bottom half, either you can wear it with one of the included skirt option, long or short, or without, as I have finished the bottom edge of the jacket layer, Included in this pack is a belt with a square buckle, and sculpty prim cuffs with matching buckle detail on them.  Again, this jacket can be worn with, or without the prim attachments.

This jacket comes in 29 colours from basic black, to the sublime Minty, Light Tan, Toffee and Spun Sugar, to the crazy Mexicana, Watermelon and Jade.  What can I say?  I love options 🙂

It’s selling for $250L on my wall at Blissfully Follow this link to teleport there!

Because WordPress is being a bit of a so-and-so tonight, I have only uploaded 5 of the 29 available colours in this jacket.  See the rest in my store!







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