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SLink has moved!

My prim hungry self has decided that I needed more prims.  So I have moved to a bigger lot!  It’s only a matter of time before I have my own sim!  That’s the eventual plan.  But for now, my new location is on the CG Heart Sim


Please update your landmarks!  I will only have the landmark giver and billboard up at my old place for a short while!  Otherwise, check my profile for the Pick.

New release – not a limited edition! The Heartbreaker Gown.

This spectacular gown was designed by my self-proclaimed “brilliant” (and very modest) husband, Caine.  He and I had a little round table this morning, and he came up with this idea and I loved it, as much as I love the final design!  It’s “The Heartbreaker” so named for the broken heart corset style bodice in satin and luxurious velvet the colour of crushed rubies.  The gloves are the softest satin, as is the skirt, which has a full, floor length claret red skirt, and a satin black bustle and train.

Because of the complexity of this skirt, I will be happy to offer fittings for free, if you can send me your shape.

This gown is a once-off, original SLink design.  I am not releasing multiple colours in this – my husband has decreed it so.  *hehee* 🙂 If you want it in any other colour, you will have to talk to him.  Caine Munro.  Good luck with that… 🙂

It’s priced at $350L, and is currently on my wall!  Follow this link to teleport there!

*Hair is ETD’s Bonita.  Boots (they’re in there somewhere) are Lassitude and Ennui’s Black Leather Ankle Boots*

The LBD – Long Black Dress – Limited Edition #3

Wow you’re keeping me busy! This is the latest of the SLink Limited Edition Party Dresses. This time there are just 15 available in my store at $150L each – Follow this link to teleport there!

This one is the LBD or Long Black Dress. Or Little Black Dress – depending on which skirt you wear.

This gorgeous gown has a long flowing black chiffon skirt, with a fluted hemline, and little sparkly gems encrusting the hem. The bodice is a softly shining satin, edged with bright sparking sequins which continue around to back of the dress. Alternatively, you can wear the simple black miniskirt for the true LBD. Wear this if you want to be noticed, for it is not a gown for a shrinking violet!

As usual, the SLinky SLippers *giggle* are included, dressed up in sequins for sparkly dancing feet!

Oh and there are still 12 of the Delfts Blauw left!


Limited Edition Party Dresses take 2!

I decided not to wait until the first dress sold out before I released the next one. Truth be told I love this outfit. I think the shirt is cute, and the skirt is the perfect level of puffy with billowing tulle petticoats to give it excellent bouyancy! I just like wearing it so much, I haven’t taken it off in the last 2 days! I might have to gatecrash a New Years party, just to wear this frock out dancing!

The textures are handpainted, and the bodice features lines of sequins, lined up perfectly to match the shape of the bosoms underneath. The top is daringly backless, and held together with little sequin straps. I have built in a ton of double sided tape, so no slippage on this baby! 🙂

The skirt is held up with a glittery sequined waistband and explodes in a puff of sequin lined satin and tulle in yellow and green, a colour combination I enjoy very much. Once again, the little matching stiletto slippers are included.

There are 10, only 10 of these available. They are now up in my store for $150L. Get yours asap! Follow this link to teleport there!


Limited edition party dresses to see in the new year!

I will be releasing these one-off designs up until the new year. These party dresses will be limited to 30 only. When all 30 sell, the next one will be available.

The first one is Delfts Blauw, because it reminded me of the Dutch style of china. It’s a sassy little party dress with a blue and white paisley skirt tied in the back with a bow, and net petticoat, a halter top with crossover straps in the back, and a paisley belt around the middriff. Included are the little blue and white sandals, and matching glitch pants. It’s $150L apiece, and I currently have 30 boxes up for sale in my boutique in Blissfully. Follow this link to teleport there!


Finally moved and a big release with more to come!

I have finally finished my house move and it’s good tobe back. I tell ya what, as I get older, moving house gets harder and harder and I think that I might just stay put here for a very long time. Next time I move, I am going to give someone a couple of thousand dollars and say “you pack, move unpack and clean and I’m going to the Bahamas! See you in 2 weeks!!” Yep.

Anyway, I dally. I have a WHOLE bunch of stuff to release over the next few days, but I’m pleased to present the first, my Leather Jacket. It is a lovely soft leather, like my coat, but the front is closed with a long zipper. The jacket has 3 options for the bottom half, either you can wear it with one of the included skirt option, long or short, or without, as I have finished the bottom edge of the jacket layer, Included in this pack is a belt with a square buckle, and sculpty prim cuffs with matching buckle detail on them.  Again, this jacket can be worn with, or without the prim attachments.

This jacket comes in 29 colours from basic black, to the sublime Minty, Light Tan, Toffee and Spun Sugar, to the crazy Mexicana, Watermelon and Jade.  What can I say?  I love options 🙂

It’s selling for $250L on my wall at Blissfully Follow this link to teleport there!

Because WordPress is being a bit of a so-and-so tonight, I have only uploaded 5 of the 29 available colours in this jacket.  See the rest in my store!







Off the grid for a short while

I am in the process of moving house in RL.  I just bought my first home and an very excited about moving in a week’s time.  I haven’t had the mindspace to be creative, and new releases won’t be forthcoming until I settle into my new place.

I will still be around every so often over the next week and available to reply to IM’s.

Happy shopping all!

<3 Sidd