New lingerie at SLink – A nice, simple, lacy set.

I was sitting around yesterday taking a break from packing stuff into boxes (moving house in a few weeks, wheeee! 😀 ) when it occurred to me to make Sidd some Lingerie. And so I give you the SLink Lacy Lingerie Set. As unfussy as the name, it comes in Red, Black, Dark Tan, Champagne and White, and has a soft sculpted satin fabric, with little lace insets on the brasierre, at the leg of the panties and at the top of the stockings.  The brasierre comes in all 3 shirt layers, and the panties come in the 2 pant layers, for your choice!

This set is a steal at $100L, and $400L for the Fat pack! That’s buy 4 get one FREE! You can find this on the wall at my store in Blissfully. Follow this link to teleport there!






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