New release! Cute belted pencil skirt and Ruched blouse set

I spotted a particularly stylish colleague of mine wearing this the other day in red, and it inspired me to make the set.  It’s slightly different to the original version – I’ve put my own little touches on it here and there.

It comes in 8 colours and has multiple layer options – the Skirt has 2 options, either untucked shirt, or tucked in, and the shirt has all layers, including a jacket layer that has the untucked version so you can wear it over pants.

It also includes a pair of Glitch Pants, and the sleeves are made with sculpties, and are moddable so you can adjust them to fit you perfectly!

This outfit is very cute on, and sells for $300L per colour, which includes all the pieces.

Jeans, Skin, Hair and shoes and stockings not included.





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